How do you hold your mouse?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Crave, Jul 11, 2016.



  1. Claw Grip

  2. Fingertip Grip

  3. Palm Grip

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  1. 0V3R_K1LL

    0V3R_K1LL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Palm and Claw Hybrid grip. Palming a big mouse can be tough so I stay in the middle
  2. I don't understand how anyone can have any control with the claw grip!
  3. geoPaleRobinEggBlue893

    geoPaleRobinEggBlue893 Active Member

    Your hands are probably big, like mine.
    I too hold my mouse in this manner.
  4. loperabc

    loperabc New Member

    I always had problem with this , but I think is palm or something beetween .
  5. FiendRiver96

    FiendRiver96 New Member

    The Claaaaaw!

    Actually, more like somewhere between claw and palm.
  6. JeremyLWK

    JeremyLWK Active Member

    Not really, my hands are smaller than Donald Trump's :slightly_sad:
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  7. geoPaleRobinEggBlue893

    geoPaleRobinEggBlue893 Active Member

    Wow just realized my hands are actually pretty small too. Smaller than Trump's even x.x But tbh, I feel like how you hold your mouse is pretty pointless as long as you have control. I had to actually put my hand on my mouse to see how I hold it.
  8. JeremyLWK

    JeremyLWK Active Member

    Well when it all comes down to it, as long as you feel good using it that way it shouldn't be any issues. We don't judge people here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  9. shotfire7

    shotfire7 New Member

    Sometimes I do Claw, Sometimes I do Palm.... At least that's what I do with my mouse now. I just ordered a Razer Mamba Tournament Edition...
  10. Crimson_Talon

    Crimson_Talon New Member

    I'm not sure, I think I might have a hybrid between claw and an opened hand, I don't palm though
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