How does your Razer Kraken feel?

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Vandrill, Dec 2, 2014.

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  1. Vandrill

    Vandrill Member

    Hey everyone, brand new owner of Razer Kraken Pro here. I really like the sound and style of the headset, but my head starts hurting after wearing them for some time. It feels like the headset is too small for me, and I have it set as large as it can be. Do I need to grow into them, will they stop hurting eventually, might I have them set to big? I used to own the Carcharias (not the newest model, the one before) and don't remember ever having this issue.
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  2. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I've only ever worn the Hammerhead Pros myself (the in ear buds style) so I have no experience with this. However, you are not the first person I've heard mention this issue. I believe that after some use the people I've spoken to said that eventually they loosened up somewhat.

    Hopefully someone around here with far more experience than myself will speak up and offer personal experience. :)
  3. Curse

    Curse New Member

    Be sure to extend it to a bigger size if you need. Also try playing with the way the headset sits on your head. I have the top band tilted forward on my head and I found it to be a LOT more comfortable than if it were just pointing straight up.
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  4. ThePsyciopath

    ThePsyciopath Member

    It definitely felt like that at first for me, and I have a smaller head. However, after a few hours of intense gaming, I didn't notice it anymore and it didn't come back. So yeah, I guess it just loosens up.

    MJFERN New Member

    Any oversized over the ear I've ever owned required a 'sweet spot' for fitting comfortably for hours on end. My Kraken tends to sit between slightly back of straight up to almost off the top of my head.

    Just remember that this is a heavier set than many others and if it's sitting in a straight up and down line on your head, you're eventually going to feel it. Other than that, the flex in the plastic did relax just a little, but I only ever felt that over my ears ( #fatheadproblems ).
  6. SuP3rM4nNy

    SuP3rM4nNy Active Member

    It takes time to get used to. At first mine weren't comfortable at all but after I found that right place to put them, they were just fine.
  7. Vandrill

    Vandrill Member

    Thanks for the advice! So far the headset has loosened up a little and I found making it a couple notches smaller makes it more comfortable. Hope it will get more comfortable as I wear it more, I really like it!
  8. Humpberto

    Humpberto Member

    I was having the same problem, but seems everyone on here was right. thanks for the thread
  9. Leafyyy

    Leafyyy New Member

    Hey, I own a Razer Kraken as well, you'll be able to get used to it after a couple of months, I've almost been wearing them for a year now. Just take in mind if you have a long gaming session, your ears might hurt a bit. Remember to adjust the bars also.
  10. SkyweregamingNL

    SkyweregamingNL Active Member

    Yep, like some other people said; it takes time to get used to them, i had the same thing, but now i can wear them all day long :)
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  11. Kingofslow

    Kingofslow New Member

    I know the feeling. First time they felt really tight, but after a while you get used to them, and like you said really good headphones.
  12. DrQuach

    DrQuach Member

    It's basically like wearing in new shoes
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