How I fixed my MUFFLED sounding Kraken: Tournament Edition

Discussion in 'Audio' started by Configure_Terminal, Feb 9, 2020.


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  1. Configure_Terminal

    Configure_Terminal New Member

    Hello! I recently purchased the Kraken: Tournament Edition. After purchasing, I noticed how muffled the audio sounded. Perplexed I went through forums, looking for an answer. Noticing these threads were mostly empty, and without answers. I wanted to share how I 'Fixed' my Kraken: Tournament Edition.

    What's causing the Muffled Audio:
    So what is it that is exactly causing the issue, its actually very simple. referring to the product page, scrolling down you will come across the listed functions of the included 3.5 > USB-A Audio Dongle. Listed under #2 you will find "Bass Control" its the knob to the left of the Razer Logo. Pushing it down or up will modify the amount of bass your headphones will be receiving. I found that mine, out of the box was either set to maximum, or near the highest amount of bass the dongle could output. Full Audio Control - Product Page.PNG

    The Solution:
    The included 3.5 > USB-A Audio dongle has a knob that allows you to adjust the bass. It can be located on the side, left of the Razer Logo. Moving the knob down will lower the bass being outputted to the Headphones. Hence lowering the overpowering muffled sound of lower frequencies.

    It's sad to see people frustrated with their new headphones not realizing the issue could be as simple as a bass setting. I hope if you or your friend was having this issue, this was the solution to the problem.

    If this did or did not solve your issue, please participate in the pole below.
  2. Hello @Configure_Terminal ,
    When I try to use your method, the Bass won't go any lower.
    When I use the wheel, nothing changes.
    If I put the bass FULL ON. still nothing changes.

    I can't seem to find it in the razer synapse software.
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  3. Zabania

    Zabania New Member

    Hi guys! if you have a problem with a muffled sound in THX spatial mode - try this set up of equalizer. This might help a bit.

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  4. M-S-G

    M-S-G Well-Known Member

    mmh. I usually get my tournament by jacking the PS4 controller. Here I have the problem that the sound in CoD and Battlefront drown out the voice output of my colleagues. I like the sound but I have the problem in parties that I almost never understand the people from the party because the game volume is too high. I already looked in the game settings but nothing changes. Does anyone have a tip for me?
  5. Skychaser_

    Skychaser_ New Member

    That helped a lot thank you!
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  7. Zabania

    Zabania New Member

    3, 5, 6, -8, -6, -4, 7, 6, 7, 4
    Hi! Here they are, if i am not mistaken.
  8. What if I don't have access to the bass or am unsure on how to get it? I've got a Razer Kraken USB and have reversed/muffled sound and am not sure how to fix it.
  9. skint1cket

    skint1cket New Member

    Anyone having problems with bullets being super muffled in Modern Warfare?? I cant seem to find a good EQ to help.
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  10. brvsn

    brvsn New Member

    hi there.. where I can find detailed instructions about the headset and synapse options? I found it very confusing: instructions manual says to put default on headset but synapse THX suggest using Surround Sound as default. And that's all I found.
    I also don't understand why sometimes I can disable THX from the dongle and sometimes it stays active even after pressing the button..
    Could you please suggest links providing these kind of details please?
  11. When I use "razer kraken TE - chat" It sounds like i'm listening audio from radio. It's pretty weird, I tried reseting my pc and it still has that problem (I have razer synapse off everytime i open my pc), but when I use "razer kraken TE - game" everything is alright. I'm kind of confused on why it's like that.
  12. H1Z1-

    H1Z1- New Member

    Hey guys I need help for some reason when i go to the synapse I click mic review and it suddenly sizzles like im cooking something what do I do to fix this i've been watching youtube videos how to fix this mic problem but it's not working then I always have this endless echo too
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2020
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