How is the fan noise of Blade 15 Advance 2019 (RTX with 4K touch screen) under Windows 10?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by sharprazeruser, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. sharprazeruser

    sharprazeruser New Member

    Hi, I have tried a few Lenovo laptops including the X1 Extreme and Yoga. I noticed that when the laptops are on battery, they are dead silent but when they are plugged into the AC outlet, they became noisy even idling or when doing basic productivity/youtube tasks. How is the fan noise of the Blade 15 Advance 2019 with RTX 2070/2080 GPU and 4K touch screen?
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  2. Razer.Caziel

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    Wrong boards but I got you :punch:
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  3. InsoMia

    InsoMia New Member

    I own a 2019 8th gen CPU RTX2070 Blade Advanced model, and honestly saying, the fan is audible under load using auto (gaming and rendering video in Premiere CS5 averaging CPU temps at 78-90 C), but not too annoying. I have used the blade to play games in the bed room next to my 5 year old and she sleeps without a problem. However, under light use like browsing web, youtube, Netflix, excel spreadsheets, you can barely hear the fan even in a totally quiet room. Though, if you mean the newer 9th gen processors, I am not too sure, but I am guessing the results is similar.

    The only thing that could be an issue, is the Blade runs hot under load and it is a bit painful if you accidentally touch the underside when picking up the Blade.

    Hope this helps.
  4. I just got my i7 8750H RTX 2060 the other day, but i honestly didn't even question if the fans were running when web browsing when using it last night. It was so inaudible that i didn't even think about it. Then while gaming i had to turn off wow's ambient sounds from the speakers to confirm that what i was hearing was the fans and not the games ambient sounds.(Again this was ambient sounds, toads making sounds. Not Wow's music) This was while running on the default balanced mode.This is coming from someone who was not very tolerant of the i7 4702HQ GTX 765M's blades sounds. I had to get rid of it as i couldn't tolerate its fan noise.

    Advancing past your question about the fan speeds i would recommend the model that i purchased over the other models. The RTX 2060 model is only about 5-7% slower graphically than the 2070MQ, and while the i7 9750H lists faster boost clocks the game frequencies are similar from what i've read around here (Both CPU's settling around 3.5Ghz for gaming.) My model was only $2249 while the 2070MQ/9750H was $2599 all for roughly 7% more performance. I felt the $350 was better invested in saving for another model 2-3 years from now.
  5. Slaymetender

    Slaymetender New Member

    I have the new advanced with oled, and it was barely audible during benchmarking. The results were only so so, btw.
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