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How is the Razer Orbweaver?

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by redx801, Jan 18, 2015.

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  1. RedX801

    RedX801 Member

    Looking for some feedback because I'm planning on getting one. Planning on putting my keyboard to the side and using this instead. Seems like a very nice substitute especially since you can rest your wrist on it nicely. I mostly play FPS games... Anyone else uses the Orbweaver and enjoy it?
  2. Fre4ked

    Fre4ked Member

    Yeah, It's really nice. Though I wouldn't recommend throwing your keyboard to the side. Just.. move it away gently. You will still need it.

    The orbweaver has a steep learning curve, especially for MMORPGS (I play those more than FPS), but when it comes to FPS, you'll quite easily get the hang of it.

    In terms of comfort, no keyboard kan surpass the orbweaver. The palm rest makes the often sudden movements of your hand in a FPS game much more relaxed. The thumb buttons are also very usefull, though the 8-directional button will never be as good for walking as WASD keys.

    If you have any more questions about this beautiful piece of art, feel free to ask.
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  3. RedX801

    RedX801 Member

    Nice! Thank you. I won't be throwing my keyboard to the side, placing it gently on the keyboard tray :), thanks for your concern lol. You pretty much touched on the things I wanted to know so I appreciate it. The Palm rest was the major selling point for me. Can't really tell what I can use the 8-directional button for but I'm sure I can find something out for it.

    Hopefully I'll be able to pick this up in the sale that's coming up.
  4. Fre4ked

    Fre4ked Member

    You're very welcome. Personally I use the 8 directional button for camera movements, and I use the upper thumb button to switch keymap. This means that while having this button pressed, I can change what all other buttons do. Much like the Shift button does with the upper row of your keyboard.
    Best thing is, you're free to design your entire layout entirely to your liking.
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  5. RedX801

    RedX801 Member

    Good idea about the directional button. Would go great with single player RPGs and such, for camera movements. That's another reason I like it, fully customizable
  6. Rodetovenaar

    Rodetovenaar Active Member

    I don't exactly have the Orbweaver, but, I have whatever the previous generation was called. I'm too lazy to go to my desktop and look at the bottom of it right now...

    It's really nice. I mostly used it for MMORPGs, but it was also very nice for any sort of FPS games I played as well as 3rd-person action/RPGs. I also really shined in RTS games. It's very comfortable, and I can imagine the new Orbweaver is only even more so.

    I would definitely recommend getting one, especially if you can pick one up during the remedial sale.
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  7. Orchiddatasolo436

    Orchiddatasolo436 New Member

    Bought my Orbweaver during the CES 2015 sale and I can't wait for it to get here!

    I have a question for current Orbweaver owners: Where do you have it set up on your desk? Pictures would be awesome!!

    I'm trying to get my keyboard/mouse set up closer together for ergonomics. I was thinking that it would be nice to some how get my keyboard raised above the desk, so I could use the Orbweaver and mouse close together, while having easy/quick access to my keyboard.
  8. I have found all kinds of uses for my Orbweaver. Originally, I thought I would be utilizing it mainly for RPG games. I have noticed the biggest difference thought in the RTS genre. For the Total War games I have eliminated the need to use the keyboard at all. It makes a big difference for the battles.

    I have even found some uses for it in terms of work productivity and shaved a solid 30% of time off of some pretty boring document review stuff.

    It is not essentially by any means, but it has made a lot of things easier.

    My setup from left to right is Orbweaver (on desk), Keyboard (in keyboard tray) and then mouse (on desk).
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  9. RedX801

    RedX801 Member

    Yup!! That's how I plan to set mine up to.. When I get it, wanted to get it during the remedial sale but it's still sold out :slightly_sad:. My tray is empty since I usually leave it on the top of my desk but with the Orbweaver, I can have that on top of the desk and keyboard on the tray.
  10. zonedailyScarlet026

    zonedailyScarlet026 New Member

    I unfortunately couldn't grab an Orbweaver (regular or stealth), but was contemplating the Tartarus. Is the Orbweaver that much superior? What is the main differneces besides number of keys?
  11. I'm not sure about the specifics of the tartarus but the orbweaver mechanical keys are amazing. First time using mechanical keys and they feel amazing. Also the orbweaver has an adjustable palm rest so you can angle that to your preference, I found this very helpful although I wish it could be lowered or if they had the option to have the ability to remove the palm rest like with the razer nostromo that would be great. I also liked that you could adjust the thumb area, it really helps. Also the button below is very responsive which is great for certain functions and the button above is easier to click than the nostromo. I have the version with the braided cable which is nice.

    As far as things that would make it even better in my opinion...
    1. While you can tilt the palm rest, letting you lower the palm rest would be nice.
    2. The ability to change the lighting colors, green is the only option now.
    3. I would really like to see a left handed version of the orbweaver.
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  12. RedX801

    RedX801 Member

    Finally able to order this :) cant wait to try it out. Thanks guys
  13. Rekham

    Rekham Member

    @McBain the difference is :
    Tartarus is membrane type while Orbweaver is mechanical.
    1 extra row of keys on Orbweaver
    50euro of difference.
    I had the Nostromo (the version previous to Tartarus) , recently upgraded to Orbweaver ..i can say for sure the top row of binds i`ll use very little and maybe bind to it shortcuts i use rarely as it's not very accessible.
    It`s a lot more sensible than my old membrane keypad and i mean it`s so sensible that u can`t lose focus and rest your fingers as u`ll press a key (not a bad fact though).
    @redx801 these keypads r extremely addictive and awesome and u`ll soon use your keyboard just for chatting and posting on forums like i do :D
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  14. JHTripleJ

    JHTripleJ Member

    Man your are lucky. I was also trying to get the Orbweaver through the remedial sale, but it always said "Notify Me" / Out of Stock so I was a bit disappointed when I couldnt get it. Hopefully you like it.
  15. TVPuddie

    TVPuddie Member

    I just revieved my Orbweaver and I must say - wow!
    It's just as amazing as I thought it out to be - its a whole new world. So far a world where I can easily get lost! A bit overwhelming right now but I am sure with time I will conquer a thousand more uses then those few I've just managed to tame! :)
  16. NyanNyan

    NyanNyan Active Member

    Though I will need some more time to adjust to it perfectly, I have to say that my newly purchased orbweaver is already a treat! It feels totally natural to put my hand on it and play with it. I'll have to test it a lot more to choose my hotkeys properly, but it made me realize how much I love my naga hex by combining the two of them to get my gameplay more reactive. Gone changing my binds during a dungeon and was amazed by myself at how much I was able to manage my play on the go. Then again, that's Razer stuff for you!
  17. RedX801

    RedX801 Member

    @Rekham Can't wait! Was possibly thinking about using the top row for weapon switching for FPS games.

    Tons of positive reviews about this so I can't wait to try it myself
  18. ahngoh

    ahngoh New Member

    its too expensive for a secondary peripheral. i guess only a hardcore gamer will invest in this
  19. demiise

    demiise Member

    It is expensive... but once you've played with one, you won't want to go back! :)

    Personally, I love my Orbweaver Stealth. I first started with the Belkin N52 and have not got back to a keyboard only setup since. There is an initial learning curve, as the feel is different to a keyboard but once you get used to it, the comfort is so much better as it's designed for the contours of your hand.

    I mostly play FPS games and use the traditional WASD combination and keys around setup mostly the same as a keyboard. I've never tried (and wouldn't want to!) using the 8 way thumb pad for movement, but rather I see it as 4 extra buttons. In FPS games I tend to use up as jump, down as crouch, forward as prone and backwards for melee (Or something similar). The thumb seems a nice place for actions that are needed often without having to move a finger off of WASD.

    My only complaint is that I'd prefer the switches to be linear like the cherry reds, but the Browns are the next best thing!
  20. ironcrow

    ironcrow Active Member

    Totally agreed. My only *minor* complaint is that the USB cable on my Orbweaver Stealth isn't the nice braided cable that all my other Razer products have (not sure why, the product info claimed that it was braided). I traded up to that from a Logitech G13, and the Orbweaver is so much more comfortable. I only use my keyboard for logons and chat (and figuring out what keys to map for a new game).
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