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How is your "CES sale" orders doing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NoOneLt, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. NoOneLt

    NoOneLt New Member

    Hi everyone,

    First of all thanks to Razer for sale and sorry for everyone who wasn't able to purchase stuff.

    Seems i was one of the lucky and was able to make a purchase, ordered BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth (Counter Logic), money is reserved (still not written down and shown as "reserved") in my account, and my order status is still "Order in Process"

    So i wander how is your orders doing? Have been shipped, still waiting, etc. etc.?
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  2. QuantumAdaptation

    QuantumAdaptation New Member

    they charged my full price, then canceled the order instead of giving me my 50% off.
  3. razerman22

    razerman22 New Member

    Tried to order. Didn't get it. Now Razer have my personal information and I've got nothing.

    Thanks for wasting my time.
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  4. elfenleid

    elfenleid Member

    Mine says Order in Process, however I got a backorder email even tho the product was available when I bought it... Don't understand.
  5. NoOneLt

    NoOneLt New Member

    So none received or at least shipped orders?
    Maybe Razer rep could comment on orders process?
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  6. PyroRVA

    PyroRVA New Member

    First of all I am going to point out right under the buy option on most products it says the ETA to ship for example my Razer Orbweaver I ordered said "Ships on 19th January 2015". Just because something is in stock it still needs processing time and with the influx of orders I am sure there are issues and delays.
    Second when you go to a store on black Friday you expect stuff to run out of stock (Online stores are no diff when they have good sales)
    Razer thank you for your good work and keep the good products coming.
  7. freakoftech

    freakoftech Active Member

    pretty much the only thing i could get was a goliathus speed edition - large mouse mat. it says order in process. sad that i couldnt get a blackwidow or deathadder or even an extra headset. :/
  8. z3r0c0mp13x

    z3r0c0mp13x New Member

    My keyboard shipped this morning! I was lucky enough to snag a Blackwidow Ultimate Classic! Slated for delivery on Saturday. Odd that it shipped at 12 AM
  9. elfenleid

    elfenleid Member

    Yes, agreed. But the email does say "As indicated during checkout, one or more of the products you ordered is currently unavailable and cannot be shipped.", it was not indicated during checkout that the product was sold out.
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  10. KAXUN

    KAXUN New Member

    No chance to order the things I want.
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  11. Aerohomebyte695

    Aerohomebyte695 New Member

    Order is still in proces it says, but the money has been paid (I used PayPal), so I expect my headset to be send today or tomorrow..

    Sad to hear couple of you had problems with the ordering, maybe better luck next time?
  12. NoOneLt

    NoOneLt New Member

    Congrats! Nice to hear thing are moving!
    BTW what is your location? My order is in EU, Spain.
  13. z3r0c0mp13x

    z3r0c0mp13x New Member

    I am in the United States.
  14. Yan562

    Yan562 New Member

  15. CapitainD

    CapitainD Active Member

    I'm truly sorry for all of you guys who couldn't grab what you wanted, and I wish you the best of luck for the remedial sale.
    My order ( a Blackshark that was in stock when I ordered ) was shipped quickly after my order. I live in France, it was shipped from the Netherlands, crossed Belgium and it arrived in Paris this afternoon, so I expect it to be delivered tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.
    Once again, sorry for everyone who is having trouble with their order or who couldn't even order.
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  16. BORUzer

    BORUzer New Member

    Did you use the 'right' code? It would have deducted from it, if you did. Though if you used the wrong one, it would have been charged at 100%; so I can see why they'd cancel it, rather than charge the full amount... Bit of a clustercluck, with the whole code thing, though I can understand.

    Picked me up a BlackWidow Classic, gonna go with my theme beautifully - still order in process, but hope the fast shipping, keeps pace.
  17. rajanphull

    rajanphull Member

    I was able to order the Razer Naga Classic :D
  18. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    Based on experience with Digital River in the past, they don't handle flash, i.e. high volume, sales well. However, they will eventually deliver. Unlike dealing with Amazon, they won't actively communicate with you about shipping status; instead, you'll need to check yourself via the link found in the email receipt. Even with that, it's likely not up-to-date. You can waste time worrying, but just know that you'll eventually get it. Typical handling time is about two days, then the rest is shipping time, whatever that takes. A recent order I had took exactly one week to arrive.

    Payment by credit card is usually pulled right before shipping, so if you see the payment post, chances are, it's in handling and will ship soon. Payment by PayPal is posted immediately since PayPal is the one pulling the funds. This even includes PayPal paid via credit card.

    Refunds are credited back to whatever method of payment you used. For credit cards, you'll see it in a few days. It's not immediate, like how funds are pulled. For PayPal via credit card, it will be the same. For PayPal via bank withdrawal, it'll be money in your PayPal account.
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  19. NoOneLt

    NoOneLt New Member

    Congrats! And what is the status of order?
  20. sirvir

    sirvir New Member

    Shipped today (Europe). I wonder, where do they send it from? Got Wireless Adaro headphones.
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