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How is your "CES sale" orders doing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by NoOneLt, Jan 14, 2015.

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  1. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    My Razer Taipan mouse arrived today and I'm still in the midst of trying to get the open source configuration tool by Michael Busch to work under GNU/Linux openSUSE 12.3.

    The mouse works out-of-the box under GNU/Linux. The scroll wheel is lit up. The Razer logo "breathes". The two center top buttons change the acceleration. The side buttons, as far as I've used, go forward/backward one page in FireFox.
  2. Sweet-Chini

    Sweet-Chini New Member

    Finally got my Kraken Pro early this morning and I'm very happy with it.:);):p:D
  3. Seppic

    Seppic New Member

    My order is still being processed. Anyone else not have any other updates yet?
  4. rober1713

    rober1713 New Member

    Fortunatelly my razer naga chroma reached home 2 days after my order :D i guess that to those who are still waiting for their orders, they will probably reach to you in 1-2 days as tomorrow is monday :D
  5. totomomo

    totomomo New Member

    i ordered the blackwidow ultimate classic & the status is still order processing... :<
  6. Dezirex

    Dezirex New Member

    got mine adaro in ears yesterday thru the mail...great ear piece tho
  7. I could not check out even the page is it is in stock
  8. Mezoko

    Mezoko New Member

    Mine arrived within 3 days of purchase, Blackwidow Ultimate, and loving it.
  9. Dreamez

    Dreamez New Member

    I wish i got something in the sale
  10. Pandarr

    Pandarr New Member

    I wished I thought of switching the codes when I had the leviathan in my cart. As soon as I refreshed the page, it went from in stock to out of stock :slightly_sad: Hope I can get one in the next sale
  11. Byfrost

    Byfrost New Member

    Finally contacted Courex, they told me my delivery date and time will be tomorrow 21 January, between 2pm to 6pm.
  12. Sicalegs

    Sicalegs New Member

    Could you drop me their contact information? Thanks buddy.
  13. Badb0y07

    Badb0y07 New Member

    SG? Ah I guess I have to call them up too then. Their tracker is dead.
  14. Byfrost

    Byfrost New Member

    Yes, From Singapore. Yeap, their tracker is dead. Someone mentioned earlier don't bother tracking.


    I used their site consultant browser chat to check my delivery details, too lazy to call via phone. Click the site consultant button bottom right to start a chat with them.
  15. 4zw1na

    4zw1na Member

    Side track sorry. I ordered Razer stuff 2 weeks ago and the item was delivered 2 days later. Funny thing is, the delivery person was a 50-60 yr old Chinese auntie who can't speak English. She called my mobile speaking in mandarin that my item arrived and if I'm at home. Dang the courier service. (I'm not Chinese Btw) - SG
  16. friendshipguy

    friendshipguy New Member

    I ordered the Blackwidow Ultimate Classic for my friend since he was in dire need of a keyboard, and I already had a mechanical keyboard of my own. I was tempted to pick up a pair of Krakens but the budget was short.
  17. Sicalegs

    Sicalegs New Member

    Wow, another 2 days till delivery. Checking if it can be brought forward to today but I'm surprised that it's taking 1 week since it was shipped to reach my place.

    The delay from it getting out from the warehouse was expected, due to the sale, but the 1 week delay with the shipping company is quite odd, honestly.
  18. lifeFuchsiaever891

    lifeFuchsiaever891 New Member

    Didn't get an insider code but im hoping i may get a chance =( i love razer!
  19. Badb0y07

    Badb0y07 New Member

    Lets hope they change courier already. The last time, almost 3 years back is at a small office beside People's Park Complex, and service was terrible.

    Wait, did I posted that experience here or was it at HWZ?

    edit: Yeah it was one page back in this thread. Sorry guys. Just be patient, they engage some never-heard-before courier.
  20. Hayjoood

    Hayjoood New Member

    I called Courex yesterday to make an arrangement for delivery today (hoping it could be done yesterday). They said they were "overload"..

    From the phone call, they didnt seemed like they were planning to ship my kb anytime soon though.
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