How many monitors do you use?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Skywere, Nov 12, 2016.


How many monitors do you use?

  1. 1 Monitor

    73 vote(s)
  2. 2 Monitors

    58 vote(s)
  3. 3 Monitors

    16 vote(s)
  4. More then 3

    5 vote(s)
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  1. FrozenBitch

    FrozenBitch Active Member

    3 is the best setup ever

    WIHMDB New Member

    I just use one big monitor :)
  3. I use one monitor simply because price reasons. However, if Windows would use some of the features of OSX one monitor could be more than enough. Although, Windows currently has more benefits than OSX does.
  4. Savuremue

    Savuremue Active Member

    thinking in getting a new 1080p monitor with freesync honestly. So i guess that makes 2 now?
  5. tpherobrine5543

    tpherobrine5543 New Member

    I only have one but I would probably be using 3 if I could afford it.
  6. Hxshbrrxwn

    Hxshbrrxwn Member

    I only use 1 cus I like a clean setup

    Anyone have suggestions on gaming monitors for me?
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  7. RZ2000

    RZ2000 Active Member

    ASUS ROG in general is a solid bet! Whatever fits the bill will be just perfect
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  8. Hxshbrrxwn

    Hxshbrrxwn Member

    aight thanks bro!
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  9. RZ2000

    RZ2000 Active Member

    I can personally attest to their quality and their design. They are solid, offer great value and perform admirably. The only complaints I have are that my monitor's audio ports are kinda hard to reach, the base is kinda big and the fact that It can't really be rotated 90 degrees with the base attached

    Pretty petty TBH but that's because I can't find anything else to criticise
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  10. Hxshbrrxwn

    Hxshbrrxwn Member

    ah that's fine for me

    Lol me niether
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  11. Grovesimus

    Grovesimus New Member

    I have a single monitor. Would be nice and more practical to have two screens, but this laptop isn't powerful enough for that.
  12. Psy0ch

    Psy0ch Member

    atm only 2 but im gonna upgrade
  13. MrPonyy

    MrPonyy Member

    2 for work, much more convenient
    1 for gaming, to avoid that the second attracts the eye and deconcentrates
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  14. Verdej707

    Verdej707 Member

    I use 2 monitors, Using 1 is very inefficient for me and it annoys me when I am at work because there is only 1 monitor there. I havn't tried going any higher than 2 even though I have spare monitors. It is also a matter of space since I don't have that much room to fit another monitor.
  15. Quiloren

    Quiloren Member

    I have 3, one's my laptop screen, one's a good monitor for gaming and another is positioned to be nice to watch movies from or watch logs while coding from.
  16. Sim3Gamer

    Sim3Gamer Well-Known Member

    I´m using 1 monitor and I´m totally fine with it. You save power, your pc has a better performance and you can split this screen if you need multiwindow. Also you don´t get dazzled by a video or something while playing ;)
  17. razerica

    razerica New Member

    2 monitors. 1st is a 24" Benq XL2411Z 144 HZ, wich i'm using for gaming, and the second is an Eizo 23" (forgot the model) which I use for work..
  18. Projektor

    Projektor Member

    One at home for gaming, two at work. Although I have a second one at home, I normally just have it with my Chromecast connected.
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  19. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Only my laptops screen, is it counted? considering portable monitor but since Optimus couldn't use nvidia surround view and my work doesn't need multiple screen, LG screen on my Blade 14 is good enough for my work and gaming néeds.
  20. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    I voted for one monitor. I tried a multi-monitor set up, but the monitors were different brands and I didn't like the way they looked side by side. Plus, I can't see myself purchasing multiple monitors of the same model.
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