How much do you make?

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by PranavAP28, Jul 15, 2020.

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  1. PranavAP28

    PranavAP28 New Member

    How much sliver do you make in one day?
    I use gamma and insider, and have anyone of you guys like brought Razer products with sliver?
  2. riwenna

    riwenna New Member

    Thanks for mentioning gamma, didn't know about it but might check it out now.
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  3. Yodathegreen

    Yodathegreen New Member

    Hello, firstly i want to clarify that ive been a Razer user since the brand began. I played the hell out of mmo's and fps. My gaming has slowed down as i have two children now.
    I recently upgraded my computer and i was shocked to find the bitcoin razer mining app....
    I personally think this is wrong on so many levels. They're are better ways to respect loyal die hard customers then to convince them they are getting free gear and games only to allow the mining app to hijack they're computer and over work the cpu and gpu rendering its lifespan and jacking up they're energy bill.... kids love the razer name.. i dont see how you can do this. I personally wont be supporting your brand untill you start doing the right thing by your fan base. I am honestly shocked and disappointed. People are farming this stuff whilst the bitcoin in the back ground is making razer more money then they're silver or gold will ever give to the customer and rendering they're computer at the same time...
    Im confused why Razer would do this to they're customers. If razer is making alot of money out of this then why does it not get spent on new keyboards with onboard memory and high end quality mechanical keys like steelseries has. Or hardware with options not to use they're extra software.
    Get some heavy construcion on your headsets that wont break and not hurt your head.
    To sum it all up... i want one question answered... what happened to the razer we used to know who were innovative and prided themselves as being an elite gaming brand rather than sell outs... i am truly disappointed as a customer and morally concerned gamer..
  4. JulianKapa

    JulianKapa Well-Known Member

    I wanted to use Gamma, but my antivirus detected something. When I contacted Gamma, they asked me to join their Discord. This seemed quite odd to me, so I'm not going to bother with it.
    I've only been earning silver for the past few months: April: 2050; May: 1151; June: 2688; July (so far): 1165.
    I'm not sure i'd be able to get enough for a product redemption that I want, but even if I do, I would still have to pay 28 AUD for express shipping. I might just spend it all on "Redeem & Win" tickets.
    I currently do things weekly in the forums, check in daily on Cortex mobile & play one of the paid to play games.
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  5. Enmakozato

    Enmakozato Member

    I gain 10k silver a month on cortex then I recently joined insider 3 days ago and gained more or less 1k silvers. I tried gamma and as @JulianKapa said something was detected as a Virus by my windows defender so I uninstalled it, only gained 15silvers in gamma for 2-3hrs I think so I didn't continue using it.
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  6. PranavAP28

    PranavAP28 New Member

    yeah I can't really earn from cortex, because most of the games are random basically and I don't wanna spend money buying it, but idk bruh

    ngl I do agree with you a lot!!
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  7. riwenna

    riwenna New Member

    Most of the paid to play games on cortex are free games.
  8. M-S-G

    M-S-G Well-Known Member

    I'm not a friend of this "Mining" either. It's like turning on all the heaters in the house, running them at full power all the time so that it's over 40°C all winter long but not at home. Sure, if you want to generate Bitcoins or even Razer Silver, ok but I don't do that to my hardware. If the kids have to pay their own electricity bill, the 24/7 running computers, then they should think twice. For the price at the end of the month, you could have bought the keyboard 3 times :)
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  9. bSteakkk

    bSteakkk Well-Known Member

    any kind of "Mining" on a gaming pc is not recommendable. if you want to shorten your gpu lifespan then go for it. we all have choices anyways
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  10. PranavAP28

    PranavAP28 New Member

    are you talking about cortex on PC or mobile
    Since I have an apple device I can't use Razer cortex app on apple.
    Cortex on PC is some random games as well
  11. wait so many people are talking about mining, is the cortex app actually mining in background??
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  12. bSteakkk

    bSteakkk Well-Known Member

    you have to download the soft miner first which i dont reccomend using. on pc btw
  13. Read about it razer made the top tier item impossible to even get because
    The points aren’t attainable within a year and they expire after that. Huge scam, big waste of time and they should’ve been fined for it. Mining will exceed the limitations of a laptop anyways.
    Seems like they want people to break their laptops while making them exponential amounts of money through the guise of a community silver (mining program) in which they reap all the benefits.
  14. wirebizRedOrange612

    wirebizRedOrange612 New Member

    Indeed, most silver redeeming methods seem alright and with enough consistency we might be able to redeem a decent item, but the cryptomining scheme is shady af. Is there any response to this from Razer? Why did they think it's a good idea?
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