How much do you think the Razer Core should cost?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Lightbringer, Feb 1, 2016.


How much should the Razer Core Cost?

  1. 250 USD

  2. 300 USD

  3. 350 USD

  4. 400 USD

  5. 450 USD

  6. 500 USD

  7. Discounted Core + GFX card Bundle

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. TrueLightbringer

    TrueLightbringer Active Member

    I haven't bought a Razer Blade Stealth yet, but that's only because it ain't out in Singapore still (UPDATE: The Razer Blade Stealth releases in SEA in March, while the Core ships within the first half of 2016). A huge factor in my decision to buy it lies in its price: a competitive 999 USD for a Razer-designed laptop, as opposed to the wild prices for the Razer Blade 14" or 17", which really is the difference between scrimping for a month or two, as opposed to going hungry for about half a year or five.

    Now, Razer fans, its critics and the technological Swiss are all asking one important question that Razer has yet to/is not ready to answer: How much does the Razer Core cost?

    We've seen rumors pop up here and there, especially in the official Blade Stealth thread, where both Technobuffalo and a supposed Razer insider claims the Razer Core will cost 500 USD, which honestly prices it away from the people who the Razer Blade Stealth is marketed to, and even the most die-hard Razer aficionado (i.e me) would really, really reconsider getting it. Additionally, the Alienware Amplifier costs only 299 USD, making it the standard that Razer has to meet, and really, should meet/undercut like how they did with the Razer Blade Stealth's pricing.

    While Razer has said they would monitor the official thread regarding what the fans would say about the Razer Core's pricing, I feel that there isn't a solid set of numbers/responses that Razer as a company can look at and say, "Oh look, here's what the fans want, and we could meet these numbers without making a loss, let's do it." and Min Liang can finally go into a board meeting with shareholders/investors without having to distract them with cool tech yet again.

    So here are the numbers (I've also factored the cost of the current best bang-for-buck graphic card (GTX 970) and the entry-level Razer Blade Stealth for clarity), and my personal opinion on them:

    Razer Core: 200 or less USD
    With GTX 970: 500 USD
    With entry-level RBS: 1500 USD

    Very likely implausible to the point where I didn't include it in the poll, considering Razer's build quality and economies of scale. But if it is sold at that price...Damn it, "Notify Me" on the product page still?

    Razer Core: 250 or less USD
    With GTX 970: 550 USD
    With entry-level RBS: 1550 USD

    Undercuts the Alienware Amplifier, making it a no-brainer for anyone wanting to invest in an external GPU enclosure. Even people with XPS 13s and other laptops with Thunderbolt 3 will buy it. Still not the sort of pricing that I expect from Razer, but if they can surprise us like they did with the Razer Blade Stealth...

    Razer Core: 300 or less USD
    With GTX 970: 600 USD
    With entry-level RBS: 1600 USD

    Matches the Alienware Amplifier, and beats it by sheer virtue of the fact that it uses Thunderbolt 3 and not a proprietary connection. I personally feel this is my own highest price point, with my current level of income, though I might still spring for 350 USD if I really, really have need of it.

    Razer Core: 350 or less USD
    With GTX 970: 650 USD
    With entry-level RBS: 1650 USD

    Pricier than the Alienware Amplifier and other external GPU docks at this price point. Probably the furthest Razer can push without losing the bulk of its potential buyers if they push the Thunderbolt 3 connection hard enough. Very likely purchased by people who already own a Razer Blade Stealth/laptop with a Thunderbolt 3 connection, and are sure they can hack the Razer Core into their set up.

    Razer Core: 400-450 or less USD
    With GTX 970: 700-750 USD
    With entry-level RBS: 1700-1750 USD

    Costly at this point. Most people would surely opt for a separate desktop and laptop combination here, and only the most die-hard of Razer fans will/might go for it. Heck, there are TB3 eGPu hacks out there that you can probably buy at half this price or something. Pay for your own RGB LEDs, and you can make a Razer Core for yourself.

    Razer Core: 500 or more USD
    With GTX 970: 800 USD
    With entry-level RBS: 1800 USD

    Yeah, no. This is where I feel only people with incredible amounts of disposable cash (i.e not the sort of people—like students/young working adults—meant to buy the Razer Blade Stealth) might get it. Plus cheaper/lousier knockoffs of the Razer Core will definitely have a field day with this. And if you think that's impossible, just look at the amount of cheaper, thin-and-light gaming knockoffs-uh, laptops that have flooded the market ever since the advent of the Razer Blade.

    Additionally, some mentioned that Razer should offer bundles of the Razer Core and a graphics card at a cheaper price. Personally, I think that's not a great idea considering the US market often has great sales for graphics cards quite often, and consumers won't really benefit that much from such a bundle unless Razer and the participating graphics manufacturer makes it fairly cheap (which then eats into the profits of both companies), but if you think that's a great idea, vote for it (you have two votes)!

    So what do you think? Let Razer know your desires, write whatever or however you feel about the Razer Core and vote for the price point you feel is best. Razer doesn't have to listen to us, but at least they will see this and know how the fans feel (which is one of the strong points of Razer), and perhaps be able to meet our expectations at the end of the day.
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  2. ilmap

    ilmap New Member

    I think If I'm paying up to $1600 for a laptop that cant even play most games on its own, the apparatus allowing me to play games shouldn't be a crazy amount extra. I'm waiting to buy the stealth for this reason, but if the core is anywhere under $350 I'll definitely get it
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  3. BenjaminVien95

    BenjaminVien95 Active Member

    I am going with the $400 price point, like you've already mentioned Razer is offering us a non proprietary solution here. I feel they aren't truly competing with anyone (no other competitor has an external graphics solution over thunderbolt 3), thus they don't have to match ex. Dell's price.
    I don't think Razer has ever been competitive in pricing and hope they never will become an economic brand.
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  4. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    Hopefully they manage to keep the price sub $350, or else it is a waste of money imho. This is meant to be a killer budget ultrabook - at that price I will go buy a high-end MSI for over 2k
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  5. NomadRT

    NomadRT Active Member

    I hope it's closer to $250-$300. I'm fearful that it will be closer to $500. If it's closer to 5 I'm definitely going to go with a new Desktop and just buy an ultrabook separately.
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  6. nagato7

    nagato7 Active Member

    I think $300 is the sweet spot for me. It's kind of early though for me to make the decision of purchasing one. Waiting for bench marks and testing to see how it stacks up with a gaming PC and Then ill make my purchase. If its $500 though I would think twice about my purchase.
  7. njbmartin

    njbmartin Developer of Awesome

    I think in one of the videos at CES they mentioned a $500 price tag, but I don't know if that included the cost of a GPU.
  8. gaykob7

    gaykob7 Well-Known Member

    I think a price between 250-300 seems reasonable, anything higher makes no sense, because for that money you could nearly build a good gaming setup
  9. Chuemmer

    Chuemmer Active Member

    If it included the GPU (even a 970) that would be pitting the machine at a mere 100-200... I can't imagine it being THAT low... I kinda wish that Razer was more transparent on the cost.
  10. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    $350-$400, because it is way better than the $300 Alienware Amplifier - no proprietary connection, way better design and build quality. It is also the first eGPU case on the market to use TB3, so that adds a nice premium. I mean common, the thing's made out of milled aluminum...just that is worth some $. Even though I love good deals, 200-250 is way too low to be logically reasonable.

    However there's one option that I didn't see on here that I would like: A bundle for a discounted Core when purchased with the Blade Stealth (or any future Blade that supports it for that matter). Kind of like the Razer Seiren Pro Bundle.
  11. Ur2eZ_4_Me

    Ur2eZ_4_Me Active Member

    It didn't include one. This report, whether it was leaked accidentally or the reporter was mistaken, stated the core would cost $500 without a GFX card. TechnoBuffalo did the video.
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  12. njbmartin

    njbmartin Developer of Awesome

    For those interested, you can see here that the graphics card I'm using appears somewhat similar to a USB and you can "eject" it.

  13. BenjaminVien95

    BenjaminVien95 Active Member

    Is that from your laptop connected to some kind of external gpu?
  14. skygunner27

    skygunner27 Active Member

    Everytime(except today) I built a Alienware 13 online, the graphics amplifier was on sale for 199.99USD.
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  15. elite.ire

    elite.ire Active Member

    $200 is MORE than enough imo
  16. 300 will be a good prixe
  17. jaywhojaycee

    jaywhojaycee Active Member

    $199-$249 would be nice
  18. Milioti

    Milioti Member

    The core should not be too expensive simply because it is just an add on. Unless razer decided to brand their own graphics card, then it's different. Well imagine they brand like high end radeons or geforce and ensure 100% that core can support it well, or better than usual GFX, and slap on an extra 30 USD price tag, well it is possible to get those.

    Anyway anyone here plans to liquid cool their gfx by modding the core? (I am planning to do so)

  19. Psyjin

    Psyjin Well-Known Member

    Yeah I noticed the exact same thing. Last time I saw it, it was $200. But for some reason it's $300 solid now.

    Eh, it's cheap quality though (I own one). Made of plastic and breaks easily. Not a looker either like the core.
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  20. RunninBearPoo

    RunninBearPoo Member

    $500 dont get ur hopes up for anything lower lol
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