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How ranked medal system work in calibration?

Discussion in 'DOTA 2 Talk' started by dixonhau97, Dec 8, 2017.

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  1. dixonhau97

    dixonhau97 New Member

    Actually the calibration is depend on skills or win lose game?Tired of keep losing in calibration with a 4 carry team which cant really carry and you are the last support picker..And also those leaver when they are feed too much making the game is impossible to win :slightly_sad: ..any suggestion for my calibration game after this?
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  2. shmekermeister

    shmekermeister Well-Known Member

    Well, I am not sure how calibration actually works, but I don't think that games in calibration have much impact on your ending medal. It matters more of your solo and party MMRs.
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  3. i realised if you hero spam, you cant increase the star of your medal.

    me and one of my friend tried hero spamming, although we had lots of win but our stars never increase

    on the other hand, one of my friend played normally, and he just got his star increased within 10 games.

    its abit weird but im pretty sure mmr numbers doesnt represent the your medals. and also mmr number doesnt represent like how it was before.
  4. jerwinixay

    jerwinixay New Member

    agreed, my solo mmr is 3.2 then after the calibration my solo mmr became 3k 2wins 8 losses, and my party mmr is 2.5 after the calibration my pt mmr is just the same 4wins 6 losses.
  5. okay, so today my friend base mmr was 3.6k, after calibrating 7 losses 1 abandon, he got legends 4
  6. [​IMG][​IMG]
    hope this can help
  7. it doesnt actually work like that , ive reach 3.9k+ and haven promtoed to legend 4, while my friend was archon 3 , and after he got his medals, he played for 2 games and win, he got promoted from archon 3 straight to legend 3.

    so im saying that 2 rank games added +50mmr, but he got promoted from archon 3 to legend for just 2 games.
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    it your time to shine guys :D
  8. just keep playing, with the past 8 rank games (with a mix of solo and party), i won the 4th game and lost the rest. After my 8th game ive been promotoed to the next star.

    - it doesnt matter with the mmr, and to get promoted doesnt mean you have to win :)
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  9. Kcwww

    Kcwww Active Member

    It doesnt’ work that way anymore after patches. I have 4.3k solo mmr but my medal is Ancient 4.
  10. shmekermeister

    shmekermeister Well-Known Member

    Yea, mine solo mmr is 4,5K and I am Ancient 3. Perhaps the party mmr takes bigger part than we think. Mine is 3,5K,
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  11. Bronache

    Bronache New Member

    I think they added something that allows party to be a bigger part of the system than we think. It doesn't make sense to remove party almost entirely from the equation
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  12. do you guys also check your performance in dotabuff or opendota to know if your skill is normal/high/very high?

    so guys is it still possible for me to rank up after I calibrated as anchor 5 coz still I didnt callibrated in party mmr....
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  13. u might rank up if ur party is way higher than solo.

    just keep playing. doesnt matter if its a lose or win, mmr doesnt mattter.
  14. for me it does coz it will reflect how good you play and how you deal with cancer players :D
  15. SteelHeart

    SteelHeart Member

    Am 4.4k mmr and ancient 2. If u had mmr before the calibration does't matter tbh cos the hidden mmr will always recalibrate at that. At most it'll shift +/-100 .
  16. im done callibrating got 3.2 solo and 3.1 party and legend medal
  17. zagi90

    zagi90 New Member

    It is broken just like sooo many things in Dota...
  18. DestructoboyM.

    DestructoboyM. New Member

    keep working hard, you can win. and like my post so i can get some zSilver
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