How Should Razer give Codes out for CES Promotion Sale

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ilya Feinstein, Jan 8, 2017.

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  1. Masterlancer

    Masterlancer Member

    Hey everyone,

    I think it would be beneficial to hear from the people on here, as well. Min-Liang asked on his facebook page about how the best way to do the sale. I personally believe that it should be based on the amount of time that a person has been a synapse member so that people who have been fans the longest receive the rewards first. The only thing that I feel bad about is the kids who are younger who usually can't afford razer products missing out on the peripherals because I remember the days when I played the game on razer's website to try to win a mouse a thousand times to get the first place prize.
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  2. iStinger

    iStinger Well-Known Member

    Razer Synapse sounds like a good idea. I feel that besides limiting the amount of codes given out, the code should also be valid through a longer period of time so that there is time for the stocks to recover and fans wouldn't be stressed out on checking out once the sale starts.
  3. Darkblix

    Darkblix New Member

    I personally can't suggest a better method than what I have already posted on the facebook page which would be to have each category on sale on a different day with each Razer account restricted to one item for the entire sale which would really make people be careful with what they choose to buy. I'm one of the ones that have bought razer products through amazon or ncix and was saving up to buy the stealth on sale, which means the items wouldn't be registered under my email and would therefore probably eliminate me from the discount if it was sorted that way. However, I do realize that there are many active individuals who definitely deserve the rewards for being a dedicated long time supporter and should have the right of being able to further support their favourite brand.
  4. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I went to @Min-Liang Tan's Facebook page and read what you were referencing and there were some good ideas there.

    Personally, I really liked the idea of issuing codes to people who have active Synapse accounts with valid peripherals. Sadly, that then eliminates people who have purchased clothing, X-box items, PS4 items, etc. So it's not the best idea.

    I saw one person suggest that they go off of the forums here and look for people with the oldest accounts who are still active and people with the most posts - and hey, I'm game! LOL -- but I don't think that's a very fair way of going about it for most of the community. (though it would benefit me greatly. *laughs*)

    I also saw folks who thought that pulling from the Razer Online Store e-mail database might be a good idea, and perhaps it would be. Though, I think it might require too much work on their part.

    Just doing my own little brainstorm - I'm not sure what would be a good way to go. The fan base is large and spread across many countries. I've personally witnessed multiple CES sales and purchased items for the past few myself, and I just can't come up with a creative way to keep the scalpers out and still reward the loyal fans without being biased or appearing to employ favoritism.
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  5. HypocriticalIdiot

    HypocriticalIdiot Active Member

    OK here's my idea:

    How about Razer sends an email to every active forum user (anyone who has been on the forum recently ish). And to stop people just spam making accounts don't send the email to people who's accounts are 1 day old just for the sale or have no posts. The email would then contain some generated coupon for that user.

    May have loopholes but just a suggestion however it shouldn't be too difficult to develop.
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  6. realsmurf

    realsmurf Member

    i think i have been using synapse since 2008ish, but never gotten a ces sale :/
  7. mark6IKX

    mark6IKX Member

    Last week I ordered a blackwidow X and Mamba TE. Whatever gets chosen I really hope I can get the Kraken 7.1 V2 and Firefly Cloth at a reduced price.. I wouldn't even think about it. I'd just click buy and worry about my rent later haha!

    Anyway my opinion, all ideas seem good, but either way anything gets chosen some people will be left off.

    Recent purchases - great for them to finish a collection but people who have bought things a while ago will miss out.
    Active Insider accounts - Makes alot of sense but I'm pretty sure not every Razer fan is on Insider, as alot of the social interactions take place on Facebook and Twitter nowadays.
    Active Synapse Accounts - Probably one of the best ideas, people running synapse obviously would of owned at least one Razer product in the past and is a good way to section out specific Razer fans, but this will leave out the console people or people who have just bought apparel (My first buy from Razer was a Battlefield 3 hoodie and the old Xbox 360 Controller).

    If they want to make sure they get to the Razer fanbase the best idea's are probably.

    Buy 2 things (over a price range, no cheap stuff) so 2 items over £50 in basket, one item has half off.
    Limited 1 item per address stops people doing this just to sell on and make a buck. But that would personally make me sad, I would like two things.
    Or some sort of manual process to accept, something like share on social media, most people only have 1 facebook and/or twitter account. But you will get people making fraudulent accounts just to take advantage.
  8. Aaliya

    Aaliya Member

    I personally don't mind the idea of discount off 2nd item, but that being said a lot of people won't be able to afford two, which would suck cause this sale brings a lot of new people into the Razer family

    Possibly only give access to insider accounts that have been active for a certain while might be an idea.

    People are going to be mad whatever happens unfortunately, I've been a Razer fan for many years and ive never gotten a CES sale item, but it's just the luck of the draw really.
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  9. mark6IKX

    mark6IKX Member

    The idea of the 2nd item off is probably the most preferable, its more an incentive and is much more likely to push these *make a buck* people, purely because its not an opportunity as much, since they have to still purchase one item at full price.

    But i have to agree with @Aaliya it will not help new people.
  10. ejacool24

    ejacool24 Member

    Hope they give chance to their loyal fans here in the philippines. Every ces sale i always ask someone from states just to use my code and get a new razer gear. Hoep this i could directly get one here.

    And congrats to razer for the win. Keep it up.
  11. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    The other group that then could run into issues is like in my household - usually both my husband and I want something (both follow Razer on FB/Twitter, both are Insider members, both have active Synapse accounts, both have recent and past purchases, etc) but obviously since we're married we share the same address. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye_:

    So, I completely understand needing to limit each order to one item and one coupon code - but I'm not a huge fan of restricting it by address. hehehe

    As for the idea of buy one item at full price and then the 2nd item is discounted I can see two issues - First, not everyone actually needs/wants more than one item to complete their setup. Second, it kind of negates the idea that people can truly save money. We've seen posts in the past by people who pray that Razer wins CES just because it's the only time they can work the products into their budget. (I'd say that's mostly the case for our younger fans who are in first jobs, part-time jobs / school, etc)

    I just hope someone far more creative than myself comes up with a better idea. lol
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  12. HypocriticalIdiot

    HypocriticalIdiot Active Member

    Year and a half, halfway to the lowest spec of a razer blade 14 haha.

    However razer does sell cheaper things as well, so theoretically couldn't the first item be something cheaper such as a hoodie, or a T-shirt or something along those lines and then the second item could be that persons "main" item.
  13. mark6IKX

    mark6IKX Member

    Thats understandable, you could always get one lot sent to a neighbour or family member? :) Truely speaking I don't even get stuff sent to my address because most the time we miss the post! But I understand your point.

    And I do agree with what your saying 2 items second item discounted. Razer tend to run out of stock rather quickly in these events, so its more an incentive rather than people mass buying to make a buck.

    I agree completely! (I would love to get my wishlisted items, all of them to be honest) But it sounds like they need a middle ground :slightly_sad:

    Most scenarios of buy two items 2nd one half price/discounted.. It's usually the cheapest item discounted.
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  14. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    It could be, but even most of the hoodies are around $80 or so, and for some folks even that's too much - that could very well be the "expensive" item that they want at half off. :)

    While this has nothing to do with CES specifically, I'm still waiting on the day that I can afford the newest Razer Blade Pro - it's currently everything I want in a laptop, and still out of my current price range. hehehe (even if I did get it at half off) If I recall I think during previous CES appreciation events the systems were not included in the sale - but I could be thinking of something else, I don't recall for sure.
  15. grup40

    grup40 New Member

    Only those who have purchased a razer device in the last 2 years should be allowed a code.This will stop most of the people who are here make money from the sale and allow fans who actually buy razer stuff to get some more.
  16. mark6IKX

    mark6IKX Member

    What! No you have to wait for Project Valerie now! Multiscreen :heart:

    Unfortunately I don't think the systems will be included :slightly_sad:
  17. mark6IKX

    mark6IKX Member

    Agreed! Probably the most logical and "fair" way to be honest.
  18. Thadd_88

    Thadd_88 New Member

    Time flies.. been a member of synapse since it's release.. Even this picture is already almost 5 years lol
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  19. Eight-BitFury

    Eight-BitFury New Member

    Really hope it would be a fair for all sale
  20. Dennild

    Dennild New Member

    I personally have had Razer products for 6+ years now more close to 8 i believe but i'm not really that active on the forums, i created this account on the forums in 2014 but have almost no posts.

    If you somehow can make it so people that have had products registeret for +1 year get a code and then make it only if you buy 2 items its gonna be the 2nd item thats 50% off. again its still a good price but not reseller good price.
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