how to change synapse 3.0 settings so you can change the window size

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by JCM4469, May 16, 2022.

  1. JCM4469

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    so i cant change the window size or scaling on windows 11 with synapse 3.0 this is not new I'm come to accept it but the more annoying thing is that now whatever scene synapse opens on if I try to move it across to another screen the app crashes

    not sure what has caused this as both my razer central, razer synapse, and intel and Nvidia graphics card have required updates in the last week,



    display settings


    intel graphics controller

  2. JCM4469

    JCM4469 New Member

    intel extrme


    Nivedita gaming experience

    nivedia control panel



    also on a side note any ideas why my NV control panel thinks I have windows 10 when I have Windows 11

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    Hi JCM4469! Can you send me your Razer Synapse 3.0 logs via PM so I can kick start an investigation? Save the files via any online drive, then paste the accessible link in your message. Let's continue our conversation privately.
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  4. JCM4469

    JCM4469 New Member

    thanks not sure how much help they will be as since my post I've tried to both repair the razer software, both razer central, cortex, and synapse as well as update all the razer apps and done a complete installation and reinstall

    I've also tried changing around the synapse.exe properties both disabling full-screen optimization, running as administrator, registering the program for a restart, and changing higher DPI settings to see if it made much of a change, it didn't really one of the changes allowed me to change the size of the window slightly but that's about it , also i have this weird problem now with both razer cortex and razer synapse that whenever i try to move the application from the screen it opens up to another the program stops responding and crashes

    looks like I razer two duplicate support cases with razer support,,220516-001193,-16-May-2022
    raxzer support cases

    i also uploaded the log files to both of those cases
  5. JCM4469

    JCM4469 New Member

  6. JCM4469

    JCM4469 New Member

  7. Razer.Speedcr0ss

    Razer.Speedcr0ss Speed Hunter Staff Member


    Thanks for sharing these important details with me. By the way, I've removed your case number from this thread for your security. And yes, the Razer is compatible with Windows 10 64-bit (x64) and Windows 11. I notified our Support Team regarding the error while installing the Razer Synapse 3.0 on a Windows 11 64-bit system. Please wait for the follow-up message via email within 24-48 hours as they need to check the log files and communicate to our devs.
  8. JCM4469

    JCM4469 New Member

    so just an update i was able to configure both razer synapse and razer cortex so that I can change the window size, although the ability to do so is still extremely limited, it at least allows me to change the window size between 2-10 percent of the original size

    I still however have issues with both apps that when I move them from one screen to another both applications crash

    furthermore, razer cortex application settings tabs seem to also have issues when I try to navigate to another settings tab in the app it does not change the menu settings tabs and the only way to open another menu tab is to close out of the application settings and reopen it but it still only allows to toggle from general to one settings tab only

    I also realize both the razer cortex logs and synapse logs I uploaded in the support ticket were captured without replication of the issue, I try to replicate the above issues and capture new logs, can you provide the link to the cortex log capture tool like razer cortex screenshot.png razer cortex screenshot.png razer corter properties .png exe app settings.png exe app settings.png razer corter properties .png razer cortex screenshot.png razer issues screenshots .png services running .png services task.png task manager details.png task manaher.png tasks manager.png razer issues screenshots .png services running .png services task.png task manaher.png tasks manager.png the one I found seem outdated/old
  9. JCM4469

    JCM4469 New Member

    so it did this at the same time last month when I tried to modify synapse to fix some of the issues, where despite both synapse and cortex being the current version when I go to modify synapse from the app and features it detects an update to one of the razer software, what update there isn't one according to the razer central update client, so despite trying to only modify the synapse software and deselecting razer cortex, it uninstalls razer cortex from my PC, why does the razer synapse modify function have razer cortex dependencies where if not selected from the list of modifying apps it installs it, surely the two programs can operate identify of each other, is this a known defect with the modify function of the synapse, or an actually functional dependence based on the as-builts and epics requirements, I cant see the logic on how this would be developed to function this way,

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  10. JCM4469

    JCM4469 New Member

  11. Razer.Zionzedd

    Razer.Zionzedd Yes, My lord? Staff Member

    Hi @JCM4469. Thanks for updating this thread with information and screenshots of the Synapse issue you're experiencing. Please share the Synapse logs with me through PM so I can forward them to the Software Team by starting a new case if necessary.
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  12. JCM4469

    JCM4469 New Member

    please keep this thread open the logs are and all the info I have provided to your team is literally in the one drive personal and business share folders that was in my post before yours both links were sent to the other razer inside Razer.Speedcr0ss
    this was also provided to both the previous person who responded to my post as well as your escalated support team in the case last week on the 21/06 . with all parties involved confirming this was forwarded to your software dev team over a week ago on 22/06
    here it is again!AlO3fsFwBb9BnQ-mxVRKod3bKB9G?e=Vye9hl
    if you can't access this folder, do let me know
  13. JCM4469

    JCM4469 New Member

    the following was also given to your Support team and the speedcross insider razer rep last week
    furthermore, once your dev team have reviewed all the data if your dev team can kindly address all of the following with a RCA summary and suggested fix or explanation

    1. various razer cortex software, primarily razer synapse but also affecting razer central and razer crashing when being moved from one monitor to another

    Razer Synapse and Razer Cortex both supposedly support x64 bit system and install the applications in an x64 program file environment but running x86 or 32 bit components and application and background processes,

    When Modifying Razer Synapse via the apps and feature program menu despite it detecting a update in synapse when there is no updated client, as per the screenshots from the last two days showing the current 10.x cortex and current build on synapse being in use

    when proceeding with the synapse modify function despite only selecting the razer synapse it uninstalls razer cortex, why there shouldn't be any program dependency between the two or why it need to uninstall the cortex to modify the synapse

    when repairing the razer synapse program from the exe file it reinstalled a current 3.7.531.52416 build, but when running the razer central check update function, razer central detects a different build version for both razer synapse and razer cortex then what is actually installed

    that being razer synapse 3.7.531.52416 is installed but razer central updates the synapse client installed is 20220617

    the same applies to the cortex with the current build version installed being but razer central detecting that the razer cortex version installed is

    that when updating razer cortex client from version 9 to version 10 this update results in the issue in point 1 being synapse closing when being moved from one screen to the other reoccurring

    7 the issue in point 1 happens intermittently without any changes being made and commonly affects both razer synapse and razer central but primary razer synapse

    8. if the PC detects any new razer driver updates either via the razer driver clean-up tool or via windows updates for razer drivers and requires a restart this often causes the issues in point 1 to reoccur

    9. conversely making no changes, updates, or not restarting can randomly and intermittently make the issues affecting both razer synapse and razer central crashing disappear, like magic
  14. JCM4469

    JCM4469 New Member

    still having issues sigh
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