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Discussion in 'League of Legends Talk' started by skinke1000, Jun 21, 2018.


What sort of support should i be?

  1. Boring champions like Morgana, Fiddlesticks and Karma

  2. Funny, weird champions like Heimerdinger, Lee Sin and Blitzcrank

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  1. skinke1000

    skinke1000 New Member

    Im stuck in plat. It has become difficult to climb because of the 8.11 meta (especially as a Thresh main).

    What can you recommend me to main now. Support has become boring, so what can i do to play something good and exciting (that also makes me climb).

  2. Thresh works in all elo, Just harder to climb in chall as the play style is different.
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  3. B.Ribarjeva

    B.Ribarjeva New Member

    Try soraka... And build her tank haha. I love this champion and her healing gets pretty amazing with tank runes and spirit visage + warmogs...
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  4. shadowfoxer

    shadowfoxer New Member

    Stick with support, though you will want to find a good adc. Not someone you think is good but who is really good. Not the guy who blames his team. Not your friend you always see on who is still plat. Look for the guy who is steadily climbing. Who picks their adc based on enemy comp. NOT the guy who says man we did good but our team was trash.
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  5. WarrenXD

    WarrenXD New Member

    Play calm and enjoy always.
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  6. Diblegs

    Diblegs Member

    If you just want to get D5 play Annie mid and dodge if you don't get your role
  7. yo tengo un problema el cual es que en la categoría bronce hay jugadores que se dedican a trolear a las personas que quieren ascender
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