Hunstman Elite Volume Wheel not accurate

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DMuehlhausen, Apr 5, 2021.


If you have a Hunstman Elite do you experience this

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  1. DMuehlhausen

    DMuehlhausen New Member

    I posted about this before, and I know other people have as well.

    It seems my old post was removed and doesn't even show up as a conversation under my profile.

    Is there any incoming fix or even hardware replacement for this?

    The volume wheel on the Hunstman Elite is wildly inaccurate. This seems to go across different builds and OS even Syanpse version. I can try to turn the volume up or down and the volume will sometimes go 1 at a time, or jump 20 points both ways before settling above or below what I wanted. It's basically like playing roulette and just spinning the wheel hoping it stops where you want it.

    I have 2 Huntsman Elite keyboards one on my personal home PC and one on my work computer and they both do this.
  2. Boren854

    Boren854 New Member

    Try going into synapse then inside your keyboard tab and copy or remove your current profile. It seems an issue with the internal Memory and profiles for the keyboard, at least I had the same issue and fixed it that way.
  3. DMuehlhausen

    DMuehlhausen New Member

    The only profile I have is the default profile. Under the on board memory profiles there aren't any listed. It even says to drag a profile there and won't let me add anything there.
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