Huntsman Elite keys stopped functioning

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Iaenic, Aug 3, 2022.

  1. Iaenic

    Iaenic New Member

    My c and v keys stopped responding. First intermittently, and now permanently. I tried every support step I could find; cleaning, exiting demo mode / factory reset, purging macros, resetting profile, Razer and Windows updates, deactivating synapse, the whole works.

    I am only 3 months outside the warranty period. Am I SOL or is there a final remedy I can try? I was hoping to keep this keyboard much longer...
  2. mafia_polar_bear

    mafia_polar_bear New Member

    try an take the keys out and see if mabye part of the switch is broken
  3. Iaenic

    Iaenic New Member

    I did indeed check as part of my troubleshooting process, there was no discernable issue with them.
  4. mini2109

    mini2109 Member

    Have you moved switches from other keys? Maybe this way you will check if the switches are to blame when maybe something on the "motherboard".
  5. Iaenic

    Iaenic New Member

    I'm using the Huntsman Elite with the red optical switches, so the functional (electronic) components are on the main board.

    I attempted a swap regardless this evening and cleaned the optical components with Isopropyl Alcohol. C and V keys are still not working - must be a deeper issue with the mainboard or circuitry. :slightly_sad:
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