Huntsman Elite V2 having issues with xbox one controller on PC

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by MonkeyOfCode, Oct 8, 2021.

  1. MonkeyOfCode

    MonkeyOfCode New Member

    I use Unreal Editor for work. I bought a Huntsman Elite V2. The game controller functionality breaks all use of any gamepad with Unreal.

    To replicate, just connect Huntsman Elite V2 to pc. Run Unreal Editor. Gamepad no longer functions while playing.

    Please fix or at least enable a way to disable the game controller features of Huntsman Elite V2.

    I love the keyboard, but it is preventing me from doing my job.
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  2. MonkeyOfCode

    MonkeyOfCode New Member

  3. MonkeyOfCode

    MonkeyOfCode New Member

    No reply? C'mon Razer Its a $200+ dollar keyboard?!?!.... just pay someone to pretend to care and reply with a "we re looking into things" or something

    BTW - I found a ridiculous workaround: you can disconnect keyboard, launch Unreal Editor, use Gamepad (it will work as long as Huntsman is disconnected ), then reconnect keyboard.

    A great fix would be to provide an option to just completely disable the gamepad feature of the Huntsmen.
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  4. placeBarnRedbest805

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