Huntsman mini broke my windows

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by aaccensi, Nov 11, 2020.

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  1. plagueseason

    plagueseason New Member

    Curious if anyone else has been using Windows 11 and had the issue. I just upgraded from Win10 a couple nights ago, with the latest preview release (apparently same as final release that will ship Oct 5) and haven't had the hanging login issue yet.

    Edit: About 2-3 weeks in and still haven't had the issue on Windows 11. Have rebooted and powered off/on several times. Windows 11 is now available and is rolling out as a staggered release via Windows Update (free of charge). If you haven't been offered it yet, you can manually download it now from

    One issue I had was the upgrade installer kept freezing at 48% after the reboot (it rolls back after a power cycle). I resolved this by making a new local admin account and running Windows Update through that account. Not sure how common that issue is. Everything worked fine after that and I was able to delete the new user account.
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  2. ak5hat

    ak5hat New Member

    thank god for that, atleast windows has a fix for this.
    update: i updated to windows 11 and i can confirm this problem is gone.
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  3. plagueseason

    plagueseason New Member

    Glad to hear it fixed it for you too. Now hopefully Razer and/or Microsoft never release a Win 11 update that breaks it again lol. Wonder if the latest Win 10 21H2 feature update will fix it also. Might be worth some people testing that out and reporting back. Should release sometime later this month.
  4. LucasWalker007

    LucasWalker007 New Member

    I also updated to Windows 11 last week and finally don't have the taskbar freeze on startup.
    I can finally open multiple sessions without having to unplug / re-plug my Razer mini keyboard.
    After long months and exchanges with Razer support without a Razer solution (just swapping the keyboard which didn't change anything), I say thank you Microsoft :)
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  5. chillpod

    chillpod New Member

    how did you enable uefi. When i do it windows doesn't boot and I go back to bios.
  6. LucasWalker007

    LucasWalker007 New Member

    Unfortunately, it is not that easy. The Windows partition must also be converted in GPT. Some links that helped me:

    This is not the subject of this thread but good luck anyway.
  7. chillpod

    chillpod New Member

    Im trying to update so I can maybe fix the bug with the razer product. I have all the requirements but im trying to enable the uefi. Thanks for the videos to help.
  8. plagueseason

    plagueseason New Member

    If you're worried about losing any data, be sure to backup first, but here are steps you can follow to convert MBR to GPT without losing data (at your own risk)

    If you're wondering why this step is necessary, it's because UEFI requires that your OS drive is formatted as a GPT drive. If you've been running on the same Windows install for years, you likely have it formatted as MBR (I had the same issue in the past). The site tells you how to check and verify that it is before you proceed though.

    Otherwise, you'd need to create a Win 11 USB and do a clean install if it doesn't work or if you run into further issues. Additionally, you need to enable Secure Boot and TPM if you haven't already. If you're unsure on these settings, check your motherboard manual, or see if there's a new BIOS version available for Win 11 compatibility. Most manufacturers have updated the BIOS of old boards recently to enable these settings by default.
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  9. Kamikaze_Squirrel

    Kamikaze_Squirrel New Member

    I can confirm that not only is this a problem in Huntsman V2 keyboards and Analog models but that it occurs on an older Intel platform! :rage: I bought a V2 Analog and it was happening on my i7-4770k whenever you switch Windows 10 users. I returned it to Best Buy and ordered the V2 red linear direct since the Analog was so loud and it has the same problem. Then I found this thread and other mentions online that it goes back a year to the mini. I'm incredibly frustrated. I'm in the process of putting together a Ryzen 9 x570 build and hearing it's just as bad there!?
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  10. master_claw

    master_claw New Member

    I have a Huntsman Mini and the same issue with X570 chipset as descibed here. The issue was not always there but somehow came with a Windows Update in July this year. 21H1?
    Is there any further indication when Razer intends to fix it? Since the keyboard is still in warranty I will otherwise just return it. I don't accept such long correction times as the issue is super anoying. Definetly I will not upgrade to Windows 11 to resolve a non working keyboard.
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  11. master_claw

    master_claw New Member

    I just installed 21H2 and the problem is still there. I cannot login with 2nd user or change user in windows without a hanging taskbar.

    In the meantime I also received the following message from Razer on this issue:
    "We wanted to let you know that we have managed to identify the cause of the issue that you have reported.

    Due to the complexity and the work that needs to be done, we are unable to provide an estimate of when you can expect a fix. However, once a fix has been identified, this will be released in a future software update."
  12. 1intime

    1intime New Member

    That's a bummer, I was thinking of getting a new gaming keyboard myself and razer huntsman was top of my list, but reading threads like these makes me rethink the choice.
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  13. Redbeardtpirate

    Redbeardtpirate New Member

    Unbelievable. Still waiting to use my black widow because of this issue. X570 board and 5900x with win 10 fresh install.
  14. necrodj

    necrodj New Member

    I use Windows 11 due this problem (Windows 11 not occurs the crash). It's amazing that I can't use Windows 10 because explorer.exe crash when I start the PC. I use the Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition :frown_:
  15. rodrigofernety

    rodrigofernety New Member

    this problem it's solved by windows 11 no issues
  16. bitcointidings

    bitcointidings New Member

    This is quite a good solution with this Windows 11. Previously I was not convinced of it and now I am delighted. Thank you. Bitcoin mining also seems to be a bit bigger to me. The new windows 11 solutions seem to be accurate. I think razen will understand it too and its products will keep getting better and more compatible with Windows 11.

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  17. init1926

    init1926 New Member

    I have the problem often when starting windows freezes. Win10 21H2 - Amd 5600x - Aorus B450 pro
    Last firmware v1.32.00_r2

    pls, how can i solve?
  18. rodrigofernety

    rodrigofernety New Member

    install win 11 ... best solution update no issues...
  19. FiszPL

    FiszPL Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Agree - had explorer.exe crash on every Windows 10 release.
    Windows 11 - no issues so far.
  20. init1926

    init1926 New Member

    Win11 not for competitive players.
    I have to do rma immediately
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