Huntsman Mini locked default Hypershift key bindings for remapping?

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by PeterTranHuynh, Feb 25, 2021.


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  1. PeterTranHuynh

    PeterTranHuynh New Member

    Not sure where to post this, so I assumed that a support thread might've been the best option. I didn't see a thread about this topic anywhere in the forums, only outrage on Reddit and Twitter.

    Recently, I just acquired a new Razer Huntsman Mini and love the new revised optical linear switches. Compared to traditional mechanical linear switches, I really enjoy the easier/quicker actuation with that improved dampening. It is well improved and really felt like Razer was listening to the critiques of the previous optical linear switch faults.

    After a firmware update, everything was playing nice with Windows. Initially there was an issue with Windows Explorer crashing on startup with the Mini was plugged in. It was also crashed on every instance the Mini was plugged it after startup as well. More information on that issue resolution can be found here:

    Now, I'm left with another conundrum software-wise. Typically, I would remap my Caps Lock to be an additional function key (Hypershift key in this case) and remap Fn+WASD for arrows and the surrounding keys for additional navigation, such as Home, End, Page Up/Down.
    However, it looks like Razer Synapses 3 is blocking the ability to remap any default Hypershift key bindings, meaning that over half of the keys on the Huntsman Mini are locked out for customization. This is essentially a deal breaker for me, since this leaves me with the inability to fully remap the keys needed for my typical workflow.

    This sort of leaves me with primarily two choices at this point:
    - Hold out in hopes that there will be an update within the future that will allow for more customization with regards to those Hypershift key bindings
    - Return the Huntsman Mini in favor for an alternative that allows for my specific use case.

    Has there been word out on if this issue is being looked at?
  2. PeterTranHuynh

    PeterTranHuynh New Member

    Bumpy bump.
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