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Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by dekades, Feb 4, 2021.

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  1. EdwardnNC

    EdwardnNC New Member

    I just got an email with a return label for this issue.
    My support ticket says issue with W key (up) because that is what stuck in the video I sent them.
    It has happened to me multiple times.. mostly with A and D.
    WASD are the only keys that I use for moving around in games, so I am pretty sure it is not a switch issue.

    Has anyone mailed their keyboard back for this issue and gotten results?

    I thought there might be a chance they changed hardware, because I bought mine back when it first came out. I don't use WASD a ton for games, but that is what frustrates me.. I don't use it a ton, but still have the issue.

    I really don't want to ship my keyboard in for something that is not even a hardware issue.

    Last question, is there a way to talk to support on the phone?
  2. Vorpal69

    Vorpal69 New Member

    I personally didn't go through the trouble of making the trade (and possibly getting a refurbished keyboard..) I mean, from what I have seen it is 100% related to software, playing with all Razer software off fixes the issue completely... but who knows -- they're not exactly open about it. Last time I spoke to support about it, they *somewhat* acknowledged that it is software related and that while they have no ETA they will fix it. It's been months, no fix. I heard that another piece of hardware that came with optical analog switches (tartarus pro?) also had the bug and it was fixed like two years later.
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  3. pbinvta

    pbinvta New Member

    Sounds like a lot of trouble for a disappointing end result. I was lucky mine acted up 3 times in the first 2 days and took it back. Sounds like its too late to get your refund. It is definitely a software issue. Disabling the software would completely defeat the purpose of owning this kb, so that is not a fix at all. I'll keep watching this thread in hopes that the issue gets resolved but I'm skeptical at this point.
  4. IntelliTour

    IntelliTour New Member

    Just got mine yesterday. I believe the issue you guys are talking about is solely software related. Have you tried tweaking the actuation points? With the default setting, 1.5mm, I mistype a lot. I have set mine to 3.0mm in my work profile and the issue is gone. I did never like Razer Synapse... here is what I do about it: I set up my gear, save the profiles to the onboard memory and quit Synapse for good. I don't think it's a hardware issue. My previous keyboard was the very first Blackwidow Ultimate, back from 2010 and it is still rock solid and that's a great reason why I chose another Razer keyboard to replace it.

    Let me change subject a little... is there a thread where people share their game profile analog settings? If not, whe should start one. What do you guys think?
  5. JannaFF

    JannaFF New Member

    Its not a typing problem, it literally spams the keys untill you hit them again.

    I refunded it and got a different one (not same keyboard) and the problem is totally gone.
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  6. Rev-Up-

    Rev-Up- New Member

    Same issues with the phantom/sticky keys, where it stays pressed until you press the button again.

    It's 100% software-related because this doesn't happen with Synapse closed. I have also tried 3 different Huntsman v2's and they all have the same issue on my PC. I did do a full reinstall of Synapse (followed the entire tutorial made by Razer) and I even made a new account that I used to login to after I reinstalled Synapse to confirm it's not account related like some users mentioned.

    I did do some troubleshooting on my own by tweaking with the settings in Synapse. It always felt like it happened at random moments (like once every 15-30 minutes), so I enabled Turbo mode by going into the settings for each individual WASD key and chose:

    Keyboard Function -> Key Recording -> Rebind key to W -> Enable Turbo -> Speed (press/sec) 20.

    I repeated the steps above for all WASD keys (you can do this for any other keys that you use alot in games).

    Guess what, instead of the sticky issue happening once every 15-30 minutes, it now happens every 1-2 minutes.

    This probably isn't very hopeful to anyone affected by this, but I haven't seen anyone else mention this. Now we kinda know that this issue happens a percentage of the times that Synapse and/or the PC/Windows registers a keystroke, instead of a user physically pressing the key. This "trick" should also make it somewhat easier for other users and Razer to troubleshoot this, since you can count on this issue happening every few minutes.

    My next steps will be trying the turbo mode trick on a different PC to see if it also happens there, and if it doesn't, reinstall Windows on my main PC to see if that changes anything.

    If anyone else is willing and able to try the Turbo mode trick aswell, please let me know if the same happens to you.

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  7. Keldorx

    Keldorx New Member

    i also got sticky/ghosting key. Anyone have problems with not blocking windows key in game mode after swapping profiles? I will try to clarify. if you press fn + f10, the windows key is disabled as it should. But if you switch the profile and switch to the old profile on which the game mode was activated, then the windows key will work, although the indication on the keyboard will show that the game mode is working and it will also be indicated that the game mode is working in synapse (if you put a checkmark opposite the blocking alt + tab / alt + f4, they will be blocked as expected and even after changing profiles, but the lock of the windows button disappears after changing the profile). Also, if during this bug you click on the checkbox with alt + tab / alt + f4, then the game mode starts working as it should on the current profile, but after switching profiles, the windows key stops blocking in game mode.
    when the synapse is off and when using the internal memory, the windows key is blocked after pressing fn + f10, but after switching profiles, the game mode indication is turned on on the keyboard, and the windows key is not locked.
  8. Vorpal69

    Vorpal69 New Member

    I think you may be onto something, it happened to me as well. Brand new PC btw, just built it.

    Anyway, at this point I feel we are beta testing for Razer, so damn sad lol. Today they updated Synapse, every time I see an update I fool myself into thinking that the problem may be gone, but nope, it happened in the first 10 mins of gameplay. Never been so disappointed with Razer before.
  9. Rev-Up-

    Rev-Up- New Member

    I just tested it on 3 different PC's (1 with a clean Windows 10 install), with both an old and a brand new Razer account (some people said that would solve it on other Razer products with this issue). The same thing happens in every situation.

    At this point I do not believe there's a single Huntsman V2 running with Windows 10 and Synapse that doesn't have this issue.

    The only "solution" I know of would be to disable Synapse, which isn't an option for me as some of my favourite games will detect the keyboard as a controller, making it comepletely useless (yes useless, keys not working at all). Right now, this keyboard is great (the best I've ever used) for typing/work, but any gamer should stay far away from it.

    I saw another thread of someone complaining about this and Razer support asked the customer to blow dust out of their keys. Ridiculous.

    I'm just going to return this third keyboard aswell and go to another brand until Razer solves this garbage.
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  10. ReedTiger

    ReedTiger New Member

    I guess the problem is in the interaction between synapse and the xbox controller driver. In synapse, except for defining and configuring the keyboard as a gamepad and setting the backlight, there is nothing that is not stored in the memory of the keyboard itself (I checked only synapse and basic drivers on a clean installation).
    It remains to wait until Razer understands how to properly configure the interaction with the driver and wean the keyboard to mimic as an xbox controller, instead of analog keyboard input
  11. Vorpal69

    Vorpal69 New Member

    It drives me mad, the fact that they pretend like the problem isn't even there. This radio silence.

    Also @ReedTiger does windows 10 have that driver installed by default? (I don't have an xbox controller)
  12. ReedTiger

    ReedTiger New Member

    In Windows 10, the xbox controller driver is preinstalled, but most likely the problem is in the driver that is installed from synapse. You can check it, go to the controller settings from synapse and you will see the Razer device there. Perhaps there will be 2 of them, like mine. One razer xbox and another Razer analog, both in x-input mode.

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  13. cocozeballos

    cocozeballos New Member

    Hola yo tengo el mismo problema que ustedes, no se sabe para cuando una solucion?
  14. AStaUK

    AStaUK New Member

    Had my v2 for around a week and for the first time I've had the phantom key issue whilst playing an extended run on BL3, new to me, never had this issue with my BlackWidow. I'm not even using the wrist rest which some say stops the issue.

    Seeing as people are reporting this as a software issue I'm not going to go the route of getting the keyboard replaced for the time being I'm just going to disable Synapse and see what happens. I might still raise a support case just to log the problem.
  15. derei

    derei New Member

    Yes, disabling Synapse will basically reduce your super advanced keyboard to a £50 keyboard that you can buy from Corsair or any other decent producer... So, it is totally worth the 5x price o_O.
    The silent attitude of Razer over this issue is simply insulting, considering the price of the keyboard and the importance of the software integration in the Analog features. Basically the most advertised features of the Analog Keyboard are provided by the software. With the software disabled, that advantage gets cancelled.
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  16. ReedTiger

    ReedTiger New Member

    Yes, this is absolutely infuriating. Unfortunately, we can only wait and hope for an early solution the problem from Razer programmers
  17. nrdicken

    nrdicken New Member

    This keyboard sticks Nothing you can do to fix the problem 200 dollar Keyboard Waste of money
  18. nrdicken

    nrdicken New Member

    Keyboard WSAD Sticks during online gaming Across the board in games No fix that works given by Customer support Never gonna buy from Razer again Waste of 200 plus dollars DO NOT BUY
  19. cmmackem

    cmmackem New Member

    Will there be a huntsman 65% edition or a new tournament edition?
  20. Vorpal69

    Vorpal69 New Member

    So, um, dude, any chance we could have any update on this? Your flagship keyboard is still broken.
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