Huntsman v2 analogue phantom key, faulty board?

Discussion in 'Keyboards' started by Reespiece1, May 22, 2021.

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  1. Reespiece1

    Reespiece1 New Member

    I recently bought a huntsman v2 analogue keyboard, and almost instantly had issues with phantom key presses, it was returned and i have received a replacement after being promised it was not a common fault. within 10 minutes of playing the same issue has occurred, even though i am on a different pc system, although it does have the same up to date version of synapse. is anyone else having these issues? im debating just moving away from razer after all of this
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  2. KurtKaninchen

    KurtKaninchen New Member

    I have the same problem.
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  3. JannaFF

    JannaFF New Member

    I had that problem and i ended up filling a paypal dispute after sending them the keyboard since i never heard back from them.

    Its a software related problem, they dont seem to care so just return it.
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  4. KurtKaninchen

    KurtKaninchen New Member

    I returned my keyboard. There are a lot of problem reports all over the internet for the same problem wit a lot of razer keyboards. All seem to point to synapse.

    No more razer keyboard for me until they fix it, but as this problem seems to exist for a couple of years already I don't have a lot of hope.
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  5. waaaghmachine

    waaaghmachine New Member

    I’ve tried three different V2 Analogs, all have the phantom keys. However, if I exit Synapse I no longer have ANY issues.
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  6. iorizuk

    iorizuk New Member

    I have that problem too and it is super annoying.

    Any possible solution to this problem?
  7. kakerushin

    kakerushin Well-Known Member

    Like the person above said, close Synapse. Of course, you'll lose almost all extra functions that made you buy the keyboard in the first place.
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  8. Waaargh0815

    Waaargh0815 New Member

    Same here, at first I had issues which could be resolved by switching from the USB-C to an USB-A port.

    The key spamming or phantom keypresses persisted however. When I exit Synapse, the issue is immediately gone, I tested that by playing without Synapse for a combined amount of approx. 10 hours. Not once did I have any issue. Starting Synapse, I get key spamming after half an hour...

    So I agree, Synapse is the issue. Fix your software please, Razer.
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  9. Vanillagod

    Vanillagod New Member

    I thought I was the only one. I've been with support for three months and they made me do all kind of stuff over and over again and nothing helped. If this is such a widespread issue I will just return the keyboard...such a shame, apart from the phantom keys I was happy with it but that's just spupid
  10. Vanillagod

    Vanillagod New Member

    First time I heard of this "solution", kinda doubt it would be that easy or else someone would've spread that information by now, but I'm willing to try it ngl

    Did you have the same issue and that resolved it or are you just writing what you think should work?
  11. Vanillagod

    Vanillagod New Member

    I see, what's described here (and what I am experiencing) does sound a bit different to your problem but maybe the solution still works.
    I'm going to try it for myself, thank you for sharing!

    Also a tip: changing the actuation point for one key is enough, you can then sync it to every other key and don't need to do it for every single one manually.
  12. iguruspain

    iguruspain New Member

    I have the same issue. Please Razer, we need some good news and fix for your Synapse software. I really love this keyboard.
  13. AStaUK

    AStaUK New Member

    Since the reset Syanpase/Huntsman update I've not had the key ghosting issue, just completed an entire day of gaming without seeing it once. I'm not saying it's fixed but will keep my fingers crossed.
  14. JannaFF

    JannaFF New Member

    Update us after a while to see if they maybe did something
  15. Blackxsad

    Blackxsad New Member

    I reinstalled Synapse 3 yesterday and no change on my side. A or D key still locks up every hour.
  16. woeihaur84

    woeihaur84 Member

  17. Blackxsad

    Blackxsad New Member

    Problem is not solved. I returned mine on friday. But not all have this problem so if you want to buy this keyboard get it from shop with good refund (return) policy.
  18. woeihaur84

    woeihaur84 Member

    too risky buying razer new product nowadays !
  19. iguruspain

    iguruspain New Member

    I have an open issue with Razer where I'm continously sending logs, installing and reinstalling Synapse ... and even I sent a video. It seems they don't believe that issue is real and it's clear the problem is Synapse because if I close it I don't have problems with spamming keys issue. Even they sent me a patch without any result. I'm so tired of response an email every 2 days without solution, perform requested actions and if I don't respond they want to close the issue. Please Razer fix your software!!!
  20. TimRs

    TimRs Well-Known Member

    May I ask what is phantom keys?
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