I am planning to buy Nabu Watch this month. Any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Dafdaffodils, Jun 2, 2017.

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  1. Dafdaffodils

    Dafdaffodils New Member

    Any Pros and Cons for Nabu Watch?

    XXTASKFORS141XX New Member

    I was looking into purchasing one for myself. From what I gather, its not a good choice. For the cheap price, I guess you could say you get what you get. These were the main pros and cons I found on most reviews.


    • Design
    • Comfort

    • The accelerometer and pedometer aren't that accurate
    • The social "handshake" will go off even if you walk by someone, making for very annoying notifications
    • Depending on if you get the Nabu X, the display is very limited
    I was going to wait for a new Nabu to be announced before looking into buying one, hoped this helped!
  3. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I assume you mean the actual watch and not just one of the two fitness bands?
    If so, I can only speak to the things my husband has said about his, but he seems quite pleased with it. I gave him the Nabu Watch Forged Edition, and he's never complained about the watch itself, it's accuracy, how it looks, how it feels, etc his only complaint seems to be that no matter what he tries he can't seem to get it to function with / sync to his Google Fit app in addition to the Nabu app. Perhaps @sirjarren will stop by and give you a better review from his own perspective.

    There are a few other threads on this somewhere on the forums, you could also attempt to use the search feature to see what others have said in the past.
  4. Nazka

    Nazka Active Member

    Having the Nabu X, I agree with what @XXTASKFORS141XX said. Though I have set up my notifications for everything and it's super clear to me.

    Other bad point: tan lines. I live in South of France and I get horrendous tan lines from it, I don't wear it in summer.

    Essaie de parler en anglais Si tu veux une réponse.

    I don't know if they stopped it that would be weird.
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  5. maitredacs

    maitredacs New Member

    I know, but there is no more trace on the site and more updates on the application since January
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  6. SilkKheldar

    SilkKheldar New Member

    I have noticed this as well. I wanted to get the Nabu and I can't find it anywhere. My Best Buy doesn't even sell it anymore. Wish I knew what the deal was.
  7. spotrushJet466

    spotrushJet466 New Member

    I'm curious if you wound up getting the watch and, if so, what pros & cons you've come up with yourself. Specifically, have you gotten it to sync with Google Fit or any other fitness tracking apps besides the Nabu app?
  8. Viper-902

    Viper-902 New Member

    personally, I love it. it's my best watch have right now. it's durable, and useful. it's something that could actually be really helpful if you're busy and can't take your phone that you left in you bag. all the notifications are on your hand. at first, it is heavy, but after a while of using it, it gets lighter until the point where it feels natural. well I hope this was useful.
  9. spotrushJet466

    spotrushJet466 New Member

    I scored a Nabu X band on Groupon for <$20 so I decided to test the platform. There are a few things I'm not too confident the software will deliver that might ultimately cause me to lean more towards the Gear Fit 2 whenever I upgrade to a watch. I really appreciate your opinion, though, and I actually like the look of the Nabu Watch much more than the Gear Fit 2. Have you gotten your watch to sync with Google Fit, Viper? If so, when did you set that up? When did you get your watch?
  10. Vanseb

    Vanseb New Member

    You can't anymore sync with Google Fit. Too bad...
    BTW, I synced a few months ago and I had several troubles with footsteps, they were not the same. But I assume it's a problem with my own account as today I was at 22K footsteps, then 12K when I restarted phone and watch... Not the first time, and I sometimes lost old datas.
    But as there is no other G-Shock like podometers, I deal with it.
  11. spotrushJet466

    spotrushJet466 New Member

    I have heard about the sync discrepancies. I really dig the style of the Nabu watch and I'd rather wear it than the expensive Galaxy watches, so I might end up getting one on sale for special occasions since I can manually input data into Samsung Health when I'm done... but I'll likely end up going with the Gear Fit 2 for overall fitness monitoring. This Nabu X is still turning out to be a fun experiment, and didn't cost me much. I'd love to see Razer continuing to enhance its features, but something tells me that's not going to happen.
  12. Stevie_Eye

    Stevie_Eye Active Member

    I feel the need to speak up here. I went through 3 Nabus and I'm on my second Forged edition. The watch is much larger than I thought... the silent alarm is so quiet that you basically have to be up already to notice it which is saying a lot because I'm a light sleeper. The pedometer is accurate in my experience, I saw someone complaining about that and I have to disagree. It does have very goofy sync issues. Sometimes the settings all reset for no reason which is annoying. Overall? It's not the best Razer product... It's just OKAY. If you are a Razer fanboi then you're gonna probably get it. If you have any doubts I really wouldn't bother.
  13. Akaki

    Akaki Member

    I have been having sync issues after switching from Android to iOS. You'll have to sync it nearly every day or you'll be getting memory full issue.
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