I got the Razer Tactical Backpack - AMA - Video Overview Inside!

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by radioSapGreenbase431, Dec 17, 2014.

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  1. Here's my short overview going over the backpack:

    Didn't see anything posted up for this yet, a lot of the stuff I've seen online about the backpack due to some marketing errors on Razers part (lol no dimensions listed?) has a lot of people generating rumors about the product, probably the 2 biggest ones I've seen are:

    Yes, it can fit a 17" laptop (fits my Blade R2 just fine!)

    And the badging on the front is removabe, it's just velcro'd on. So the Round badge, and the rectangular For Gamers By Gamers thing are able to be pulled off to make the bag have less "flare". The 3 Snake logo is not removable just to clarify. The badges are removable becuase those are additional spots for MOLLE pouches to be added onto in the future if you so wish. No word yet if Razer will offer MOLLE pouch accessories, a general question into the Support got a response of "We appreciate your time and effort to write to the Razer tech support team. Currently we do not have any future news regarding your enquiry. You may however check our website from time to time for the latest updates of our product." So, an optimist would probably think hey, nothing they're wanting to confirm yet, but that last sentence gives me hope!

    It's a pretty solid backpack. Materials used are quality and it's got tons of room to store all my stuff in. I'm extremely happy with the purchase. Quality of the bag and design definitely meet if not exceed the price paid to get it in my eyes. It's incredibly comfortable too. I didn't know how comfortable backpacks could be til I started using this. Although, that' probably more from me not buying back packs based off comfort ratings and more for looks ;) It's nice when you get both of them in one!

    The only thing I haven't liked about it so far are the pockets that surround the exterior, they use velcro on the flap to stick. The problem is, on the pouch the velcro is laid horizontally and on the flap it's vertical. Which is a good design, because if there's a taller item in the pocket it'll still be able to close, and it makes it so you don't have to perfect alignment. However, the vertical stripe it just a thin piece, so it doesn't feel as secure as it would if say, they had 2 strips of it on the flap instead of just the one. That's my .02 cents and that's what I would have done differently. Of course you can always go to a hobby shop and by your own velcro and stick it on, but I think for the price of the pack, they could have been more generous.

    Anywho if you have any questions about it ask me! Otherwise, dude go buy one they're friggin' sweet.

    Edit 1:
    Forgot to mention it even includes an detachable hard mount for headphones that actually sticks to the material in one of the interior pockets so you can carry your headphones on it and store things inside them in with everything else because it's a durable "case"!

    Edit 2: When I get home I'll take some footage of me showing off/dispalying the various odds and ends of the backpack, so stay tuned!

    Edit 3: Video added to original post, a few comments about it, towards the end I show you the rain coat thing, no idea how it's supposed to go on there. And there was a thing on one of the interior slots that I had no idea what it was for, the wife corrected me and apparenlty it's used to latch on to something else to make a hook area for something to hang off of. So...there's that.

    Also, in the front slot, there are 2 little spots made to hold thumb drives, I didn't catch those in the video but they are there and they have a little green usb symbol on them.

    Edit 4: The hard case for the headphones in the video actually isn't a case for them, it turns out it's a mount for them to rest on inside the backpack which is good design for how it works, it's movable and it allows for things to be stored inside the mount, such as, a mouse! So that's cool.

    Thanks for reading and watching! Please like and share!
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  2. Medrilan

    Medrilan Active Member

    Thanks for the feedback! I was considering purchasing one, definitely good to know it'll fit a 17"
  3. Do it man. You rarely find packs that look cool AND actually function very well.

    I'll try to take a quick video when I get home about post it up, just to show off how many places this behemoth has to stick things.

    Forgot to mention it even includes an detachable hard carrying case for headphones that actually sticks to the material in one of the interior pockets so you can carry your headphones and feel free to mash them in with everything else because of the crush proof case!
  4. Medrilan

    Medrilan Active Member

    Okay I carry headphones with e 24/7 so that may be the selling point on it right now. I will wait for your vid though, thanks! Love to see what it's like before I buy. :3
  5. looking forward to get one soon as they arrive in asia
  6. Antosa

    Antosa Active Member

    I've been wondering about this. Have you been able to use the splashguard yet? Also, about how tall is it?
  7. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    It's tempting to use as a backpack for school, but it's hard to choose to use that over my Rubik's Cube. Do you think it could be used for school, and still use it's full potential?
  8. I'll do shoot some footage when I get home!
  9. Haven't tried the splashguard yet, I've been afraid I won't be able to pack it in as neatly as it (hopefully) is right now. I suppose that's something I can play with when I get home too while taking a video to show that feature off. Stay tuned.

    As for how tall it is, I don't know the exact number but when I'm home I'll measure it for you and report back.
  10. I mean, that all depends on what you're carrying everyday. If you carry all your books with you, tablet, laptop, etc then yes, you'll definitely want this as it'll make your life a lot easier. For someone in high school that has a locker they can use? Probably won't be using this pack to its full potential if you're making pit stops all day long to unload/reload different things.

    I can't stress enough just how comfortable this backpack is though. I frequent a local game store to play MtG on friday/saturday and carrying my stuff in my old backpack, I had to drop it on the floor when standing for a period of time, it was just really hard on my back. This thing though, shoot, I could load it up with more stuff and stand at attention for hours and never feel any discomfort. Especially with the chest strap to even out the load between my chest and my back.

    So even though you may not fill up it up and use it's full potential, just the added comfort from it alone makes it a winner in my book.

    Plus, it's a frickin' Razer backpack. Rubik's cubes are cool, but...#Razer!
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  11. iglooset

    iglooset Active Member

    Californian's are weird, no lockers here. I'll take it into consideration!
  12. Antosa

    Antosa Active Member

    Thanks, I was just wanting to compare to my current backpack, and see if it'd still be sufficient for all of my Magic: The Gathering things and my laptop.
  13. Fits my trade binder, 2 of the double sided laetherette deck boxes, 2 playmats, a fat pack box (used for uncommons) 2 of those small plastic case things that hold a grip of d6 dice, my Zendure A3 battery pack for my phone, 2 more deck boxes used for when drafting, my laptop + Charger, my tablet, tissues (to wipe away my oppenents tears ;)) and some travel size hand sanitizer with room to add more stuff!
  14. Antosa

    Antosa Active Member

    Seems great! Cause I just need to fit 2 Ultrapro Pro-Binders, 4 deckboxes (Various brands and sizes), two playmats, a fatpack box (Also for commons and uncommons. Y'know. Sideboard and cheap deckbuilding stuff), my laptop, a dice pouch, and a notepad.

    Edit: I also need space to fit plenty of food and a couple drinks for when I attend Opens.
  15. I can't imagine it not fitting all that with ease. I've got basically the same setup and I still have lots of room for things. Like I mentioned earlier though I'll show it all off when I get home so you can see everything!
  16. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    Could you maybe do me a huge favor?? LOL
    Could you measure what the blade measurements are? Like close the unit and measure side to side, front to back and the thickest point? I have an MSI 17.3" laptop and I seriously considered the tactical backpack, but when I read that it was for 15" notebooks I was worried mine won't fit. So, if yours fits, I'd love to know the measurements to figure out if mine will too! :) :) :)
  17. Antosa

    Antosa Active Member

    It's rated to carry 17.3" Laptaops! I was reading about it earlier.
  18. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I've found a few other bags that were as well, but mine seems to be a bit bigger than some, so it doesn't fit in all of the bags for 17.3 screens. So I try to just go for measurements. lol
  19. Antosa

    Antosa Active Member

    Right. Thickness really shouldn't be an issue as far as the laptop goes unless your laptop is bigger than 1.7 inches. I'd say the Blade Pro is wider than most other 17" laptops because the borders outside the screen are close to an inch thick.
  20. I'll measure it when I get home, I can see it easily fitting a wider laptop, but one with more depth will be snug. Imagine sliding a laptop into the backpack, the "height" from the left edge to the right, no problem, tons of room to grow there. From left to right though, meaning the back of the laptop to the front, that can get clostrophobic quick. IIRC the blade is wider than most laptops but has a little less depth to it? I could be wrong, just what I've felt comparing it from my G73 to it when I first got it.

    I'm 99% certain it'll fit though. I'll look up the measurements for your laptop online and then I'll measure the width of the bag to see if it'll fit for sure :)

    Thickness of a laptop shouldn't matter, it's got some stretch to it so it'll fit any behemoth you put into it.

    Edit: 2 more mintues and I'm on my way home! Woo!
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