I just submitted a feature request ticket for random delays, check it out!

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by Hersie, Sep 24, 2019.


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  1. Hersie

    Hersie New Member

    With many other gaming brands, you can make use of the function 'Random delay' for recorded macros or actions in the software where you map all your different keys.

    A random delay means, that you are given the option to set each delay with a random range where you put the minimum & maximum amounts of delay between actions, this could work like in the example further down which I currently use with another brand at the moment:

    Say that you set a random delay between 55 and 255 ms (milliseconds) between/after actions.
    When the software is prompted to carry out any action(s)/macro(s) dedicated to a selected button, then wherever there is a random delay set between 55-255 ms (or any other amount of MS), the software will at random choose a delay between 55-255 ms everytime you run this action/macro, before moving on to the next action (or executing the same action repeatedly/x amount of times if that is the option you have chosen).

    Of course, you can have the macro function at "play while pressed", "toggle continuous playback on/off using assigned key", "play X times" - and each time, the delay will be a random one between 55 & 255 ms.

    For example, for the game 'Tibia' which I play, I have made a macro using another brands' software. When I activate this macro, it will do the following:

    [press keyboard button 1]*
    Random delay, 55-255 milliseconds (ms)
    [Press keyboard button 2]**
    Random delay, 55-255 milliseconds (ms)
    [Press keyboard button 3]***
    Random delay, 55-255 milliseconds (ms)
    [Press keyboard button 4]****
    Random delay, 21 337-28 733 milliseconds (ms)

    In my hotkeys in Tibia this is what I have done:

    Pressing '1' will have my character equip something called a 'life ring'
    -Random delay between 0.055 seconds and 0.255 seconds in software-
    pressing '2' will cast the spell to make a certain rune
    -Random delay between 0.055 seconds and 0.255 seconds in software-
    pressing '3' will make my character eat a certain hotkeyed food
    -Random delay between 0.055 seconds and 0.255 seconds in software-
    pressing '4' will make my character equip something called 'soft boots'
    -Random delay between 23,337 seconds and 28.733 seconds in software-

    You can of course, add as many random delays as you wish, in some macros I have a random delay followed by another random delay three times.

    I use this function for pretty much every single macro/action because if it is a constant delay (which is all you can do with Razer software at the moment) then a certain games cheat protection program will notice this and think that you are cheating because no human can execute a certain action at the exact same millisecond every time and as a consequence, ones account may be deleted with no warning. 'Tibia' uses a program called "Battleye" which detects bot usage/cheating.

    I am very much satisfied with Razer Nagas products and have been using them for almost ten years now. I want to continue using your amazing products and do not want to have to use another brands mice.

    I apologise for the [very] long post, I only wanted to make sure that i was understood exactly as to which feature I (and many others, I can guarantee) wish to be able to make use of with your wonderful hard- & softwares.

    I truly hope that this will be implemented!
  2. I would love to see this feature implemented ! As far as I know Corsair's software has been having it for a long time now.
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  3. RazerThe_Fiend

    RazerThe_Fiend Well-Known Member Staff Member

    The reason stated in the OP is precisely why it was not implemented in Synapse 3.

    "Play hard, play fair" is one of our core values, and while we can't stop a cheater from cheating (where there's a will there's a way), we have no intention of adding features that would be used almost exclusively for cheating, such as this, lua scripting, background macros and so on.
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