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I take phone to show Dev friends at office...hilarity does not ensue. (But most problems resolved!)

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by ElectricSun, Jan 6, 2018.

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  1. ElectricSun

    ElectricSun New Member

    I am posting this thread as maybe it will help a few of you out!


    Five of us have been waiting for the Razer phone to drop. We are spread across two states so a lot of messaging and Youtube watching has taken place in preparation of this phone.

    I took the hit and bought it first since the guys were coming to Austin from our MPK office this week. And I needed some massive trouble shooting help with the Razer phone. They are on the Mobile App development teams so a couple of them are pretty good with Android.

    I, however, am not.

    So will be giving their solutions to most the problems I was having (and maybe that you are too) in the simplest, non technical form possible.

    Here goes...

    Problems with my new Razer phone: (luckily most were easily fixed - after a truckload of troubleshooting)
    1. TERRIBLE battery life.
    2. random freezes and occasional self reboot
    3. Netflix - randomly crashes and stops
    4. Hulu - sound/dialog does not match the mouth and action of the movie (sound is half a second slow)
    5. Some apps have a half to full second lag time between icon press and app launch, screen flickers during.
    6. Some games show black pixels in parts (phone unable to render fast enough)
    7. Apps such as CNN, Fox, BBC news, Direct TV have up to a full minute of black screen before launching
    8. Dim screen. WAAAAY dim screen.
    9. Sound volume is much less than expected.
    10. Tidal would freeze after 20min or so of streaming "bit perfect"

    MULTIPART SOLUTION FOR PROBLEMS 1-7, 10. Problems were a combination of two main issues:

    My battery life was CRAAAAAAAP! Battery was dropping as quickly as 1% a minute a some moments. One of the guys noticed that more often than not, the AndroidOS was consuming battery at a higher % rate than the screen was.

    1rst part of solution for problems 1 though 7, 10-

    Be careful if you are using an app such as AT&T Mobile Transfer, Samsung Smart-Switch, or similar to move all your data and apps to the Razer Phone
    I used AT&T Mobile transfer (like I always have). And long story short, some of these apps set up their own directories and files in such a way that our VERY NICE and CLEAN Android installs may not like or play well with. We found that these apps were only good to reliably transfer text and call data only. All apps and especially carrier specific apps (like AT&T Visual Voicemail) worked better loaded and set up separately.
    It doesn't mean your phone won't work if you use a transfer app! Only that on my particular phone it caused issues. A reset and clean reload not using a transfer app cut my CPU usage by roughly 20% and decreased my battery usage by about the same. This translated into an over all faster experience.

    2nd part of solution for problems 1 through 7 -

    For whatever reason, our phones do not do a good job of re-formatting SD cards. Yes, the SD card I transferred to my Razer work JUST FINE in my S8 and Xperia X1& Z3 (my other phones). But there were a TON of issues when I put in my Razer. We tried 6 different SD cards of varying sizes and brands. But a clean, brand new, Class10 U3 card worked the very best no matter size. Any previously used card formatted by the phone ended up it some type of issues. NO IDEA WHY THIS IS THE CASE! But either reformat your card via laptop or use a new card. I dropped in a new Samsung EVO Plus Class 10 U3 64g card then reset and reloaded all my apps. All my video apps work perfectly with no freezing and perfectly synced video.

    After the above two solutions, all my apps along with the OS work perfectly and reliably! No reboots, lag, etc. Tidal and Spotify work perfectly by themselves and with my Meridian Explorer 2 DAC. I am very, very happy with the software performance. Plus, battery life has been AMAZING!!!

    Solution for Problem 8 (dim screen) = none.

    I have no idea if maybe there is something wrong with the screen hardware of my SPECIFIC phone~ But this was an absolute deal breaker for all four other of the team. They won't be buying the Razer Phone And honestly, if I could have seen the screen before ordering, I would have passed on buying it too. If we tried watching a movie with lots of nights scenes (Netflix's BRIGHT for example) even under the bright fluorescent lights of our office the screen image was impossible to see.
    Geeze Razer, these guys are managers in of one the most prevelant social media companies in the world. It would have been nice to show them a 120hz screen that was a bit brighter than 250nits.

    Solution for Problem 9 (volume) = (hopefully a work in progress)

    The $130 8" Lenovo tablet with Dolby ATMOS measured consistently an average of 4db+ louder than our $700 Razer phone. 4db may not sound like much, but it is a TON of difference IRL... not to mention a brighter screen on the Lenovo (I am just going to set this here and back away slowly.)

  2. Pentalobe

    Pentalobe Active Member

    Sound level doubles for every 3db. So a 4db difference is more than TWICE as loud.
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