Ideas for new keyboard ??

Discussion in 'Game Talk' started by G_oakes, Jan 17, 2015.

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  1. TheMephisto

    TheMephisto Member

    At least take a moment to consider Orbweaver or Tartarus. Orbweaver is mechanical, with same switches as BlackWidow, and keypads are really comfortable and efficient for gaming. It may take you a few days to get used to it, but once do this, you will no longer want to play on normal keybord. For example, while playing on normal flat keyboard your thumb can only acces spacebar comfortably and quickly, while Orbweaver gives you 10 buttons just for your thumb. Of course you will also need full-sized keyboard for typing.
  2. G_oakes

    G_oakes Member

    thing is i dont have the money to get both so its not like i haven't considered it but i just know that my best option right now is to get a keyboard
  3. i would love i/o for the headphones to be in the back with cable routing through the bottom of KB) WHY?

    Because some desks are small and your mouse may hit the headphones input cablerws constantly. If you are aggresive gamer you might damage this ports.. not only that but it looks cosmetically bad if you leave the splitter connected lol.

    I would also like an input connector for the ckraken so i am not required to use the splitter.
  4. Bas.Jack

    Bas.Jack Member

    Add the chroma features to a digital one maybe?
  5. XxNostalgicxX

    XxNostalgicxX New Member

    Same. I just don't use the Numpad enough to justify the space. Now I DO however use the USB port quite often, and I'd hate to say goodbye to my macro keys, but I have the 17" Razer Blade Messenger Bag and I would love to be able to fit my BW Chroma in it and can't due to that Numpad... Sigh....
  6. Creambuzzthink677

    Creambuzzthink677 Active Member

    I :heart: my BlackWidow Ultimate 2014, however, people that I VC with can't stand the clicks.
  7. I have the CM Rapid-I and I love it, I've not tried any Razer keyboards, however my friend has the Blackwidow and he really likes it!
  8. dimsumgirly

    dimsumgirly New Member

    The Blackwidow Chroma is especially appealing to me just because with the Ultimate, it clashes with my red/black themed computer and makes it look like Christmas on the daily.
  9. Kirra

    Kirra New Member

    Definitely blackwidow, still have my original launch ultimate still going hard.
  10. hitvineTangoPink552

    hitvineTangoPink552 New Member

    Wouldnt mind some aluminum
  11. My 2012 BW is still going strong and highly recommended. Razer is even replacing a broken key cap 3 years later. Great company with class leading support.
  12. Running a CM Storm Rapid fire. It's the one with red switches. Really impressed by the little guy, and the response of thered switches is what I expected; great for long gaming seasons.

    Well if you are just looking for a razer product, go with BW.
  13. I'm happy owner of Razer Lycosa about 3 years and dont change it anyone. Try it ;)
  14. Manahotep

    Manahotep Active Member

    I love the black widow ive had 4 of them. But i needed a wrist(palm) rest and the black widow doesnt have one. I also wish it had a metal construction like the corsair k70. But if the black widow had a good wrist rest that could be attached or included i would go back to razer for keyboards.
  15. swoosh

    swoosh New Member

    i love the razer black window chrome that I boaght when I was in the states! i love how you can costumize the colors and its mechanical as you want it!
  16. parkBlondfast621

    parkBlondfast621 New Member

    Am I allowed to recommend non Razer products? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    Well the Corsair K95 looks amazing
  17. Adventrawr

    Adventrawr New Member

    Yhup, just depends on what you want out of it. Performance-wise pretty much any mechanical Razer is going to do you justice. As a fore mentioned, take in consideration the perks; the lights, amount of macros, weight, size, and feel based on what you want to do. The Stealth sets are definitely noticeable but if your coming from never having a mechanical keyboard you'll notice instantly no matter which ones you try. Good Luck!
  18. genetze

    genetze New Member

    The most expensive keyboard from razer should be fine for you xD
  19. StressedOutCat

    StressedOutCat New Member

    I would like to a mini 66key mechanical keyboard from razer.
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