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If you could only buy 1 Razer Product from CES 2015, what would it be?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vortek3, Jan 7, 2015.


Which Product? Why Comment Below

  1. Razer Nabu X

  2. Forge TV

  3. Razer Serval

  4. Razer Turret

  5. OSVR

  6. Literally Impossible

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  1. dajmotley

    dajmotley New Member

    I absolutely plan to purchase the Nabu X but the turret looks really nice.
  2. edelitus15

    edelitus15 New Member

    thanks for the heads up man!
  3. Axemify

    Axemify New Member

    I would want the OSVR simply cause I always wanted to try a VR device. Plus it would remind me of Sword Art Online! I think open source will benefit everyone and let VR grow faster.
  4. EpiKz

    EpiKz New Member

    glad the option for literally impossible was available
  5. robinsaccts

    robinsaccts New Member

    I picked the Nabu but Forge TV sounds great too. Like to find a place to try them all out.
  6. I would go with the turret !
  7. dom19

    dom19 New Member

    Razer turret
  8. TheSapphire

    TheSapphire Member

    Definitely literally impossible.. Flipped codes + Crazy servers = Razer Love
  9. adakuo713

    adakuo713 New Member

    The OSVR looks pretty promising
  10. arcxatos

    arcxatos New Member

    OSVR Its a major goody for the developer types
  11. Hewanc

    Hewanc Member

    Thanks appreciate the response
  12. Merehumes

    Merehumes New Member

    why only 1! lol
  13. jugularSignal

    jugularSignal New Member

    OSVR looks amazing
  14. Shellsbells

    Shellsbells New Member

    My tv is huge and I would love to try some games out on it with my friends
  15. rixter145

    rixter145 New Member

    The OSVR does look very amazing
  16. hoangqdinh

    hoangqdinh New Member

    Nabu X to be sure ..
  17. MisterSlyer

    MisterSlyer New Member

    I want to try this razer streaming thing after its polished. Seems promising!
  18. kikahmonib

    kikahmonib New Member

    i wanted to buy headphone. buy not gaming ones. however they are all out of stock :slightly_sad:
  19. Undrtheoath

    Undrtheoath New Member

    I like the serval. A bluetooth gamepad can come in handy when gaming on the go or even at home.
  20. Vortek3

    Vortek3 Member

    Good point. VR needs to be cared for by gamers. After all, we are the rela people using it.
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