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If you could only buy 1 Razer Product from CES 2015, what would it be?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vortek3, Jan 7, 2015.


Which Product? Why Comment Below

  1. Razer Nabu X

  2. Forge TV

  3. Razer Serval

  4. Razer Turret

  5. OSVR

  6. Literally Impossible

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  1. Vortek3

    Vortek3 Member

    Yes, I find it (as cool as it is) the Nabu X has 20 votes. I would think that due to the Nabu, not a lot of people would chose Nabu X over the new products. Just my thought anyway.
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  2. ChibiShanchan

    ChibiShanchan New Member

    that's fair but i joined to stalk the nabu... so i'm biased and if peopel responding are like me, then that could be why? i mean, for the 20 buck price point, it's sorta amazing... which isn't what you're asking, i know, but it's what i'm coveting and coveting doesn't lend itself to rational thought. :)
  3. Hands down, the Razer Turret. The idea behind this is amazing! I'd love to own one. Why I didn't pick the others? Well...
    • Razer Serval - Not really my type of gaming, I believe PC and Console gaming is where the fun is at.
    • OSVR - Can't pass judgment unless I've tried it, have only tested Oculus...while it was awesome, I don't see it as true VR maybe OSVR is different?? Who knows..
    • Nabu X - I'll just get the bigger bad boy, the Nabu.
    • Forge TV - Not my cup of tea
    Again, it's amazing how much variety Razer brings in their products! They serve every type of gamer! Razer cult forever!
  4. Spud387

    Spud387 New Member

    For me its got to be the Turret. While yes its designed for the Forge, it works with windows and would allow me to use it on all of my secondary PCs and HTPC. Personally I think it makes for a great low profile wireless mouse/keyboard
  5. literally impossible, i would have to get all of em, maybe not the nabu x because i plan on getting the nabu when i can. but the turret serval and forge tv look awesome, especially at the price point. and the OSVR is something i would really like to get into
  6. MAC4thgen

    MAC4thgen New Member

    Osvr to the max
  7. leomd333

    leomd333 New Member

    Turret! I game on my laptop hooked up to my TV so it would be perfect for me.
  8. flushx

    flushx Member

    Nabu X! finally jumping on the fitness/tech bandwagon (pun intended)
  9. Will definitely be interested in the OSVR.

    Time to use those to play Outlast. :D
  10. TheComputerChicken

    TheComputerChicken New Member

    The Serval, I'ave been waiting for a controller for android after hearing razer made the jungle cat for iPhones.
  11. thom202

    thom202 New Member

    I went back and forth and OSVR & Turret and finally voted OSVR. I am glad this a theoretical exercise and I can buy both. Keep it up with the temptations. :D
  12. Wanting that Razer Forge TV, great bang for buck and great hardware.
    My current htpc is chugging and this would be an ideal replacement once cortex's streaming capabilities are refined.
  13. Kn0var

    Kn0var Member

    OSVR - VR really needs a kick in the backside, companies seem to be on the pinnacle of perfection but are unable to finish and release something that can successfully blow the consumers mind out of the water.
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  14. FLGMwt

    FLGMwt New Member

    Nabu X, I'd like to develop on it and find a clever way to show useful information with limited outputs.
  15. rocky503

    rocky503 Member

    Hands down the Forge TV. While the Serval is going to be a simultaneous buy I wouldn't but it without the Forge. PC/Android gaming in the living room and bedrooms FTW!!!!!
    I still think we need a hardware remote for TV.
  16. Gonab

    Gonab New Member

    If I'm only able to buy one of those, I would go for the Nabu X.
    The Razer Forge TV without the turret feels like incomplete to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  17. Oroshi

    Oroshi Member

    ForgeTV for me, so I can chill on the couch and play some Warframe, when I'm not hardcore gaming.
  18. m3lnicks

    m3lnicks New Member

    I would love to try the OSVR.. but kinda feel that it will be quite an expensive stuff.. Then secondly will probably goes to Forge TV, good stuff and expecting quite a good competitive price as well..
  19. Th3WatchR

    Th3WatchR New Member

    i like the idea of not having to sit at my desk so being able to play from couch or even bed would be nice options so im going with the Forge TV
  20. osvr seems like a good concept and it is open source, id like to try to get my hands one one
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