If you could only buy 1 Razer Product from CES 2015, what would it be?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vortek3, Jan 7, 2015.


Which Product? Why Comment Below

  1. Razer Nabu X

  2. Forge TV

  3. Razer Serval

  4. Razer Turret

  5. OSVR

  6. Literally Impossible

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  1. iMatty

    iMatty New Member

    I'd buy the Nabu X, although the OSVR is appealing.
  2. iMatty

    iMatty New Member

    I'll say this. I just picked up the Amazon Fire TV stick and I'm really impressed. If you run XBMC or Kodi it works really well. Not to mention the Amazon streaming services.
  3. edelitus15

    edelitus15 New Member

    OSVR FTW! in my opinion an amazing attempt at dispersing this technology through the known cosmos, and its gonna be good I feel it in me bones, good job razer
  4. arduinski

    arduinski New Member

    i think the forge tv, but more for watch video on tv that for gaming
  5. edelitus15

    edelitus15 New Member

    I got one too!! and I love it, but idk what XBMC or kodi are
  6. Definitely the Nabu X and especially for its price. These days, the price for a device of this type are really expensive and I think that for 50$ the Nabu X seems to do exactly what I am looking for. Also, I have pretty big wrists and the Nabu X looks to fit pretty well.
  7. TwoThirdsGod

    TwoThirdsGod New Member

    I have xbmc/kodi set up on an ouya now and the forge tv really has be interested. If that pops up as in insider preorder I will probably go after it for the spec upgrade and the new possibilities of the unit.
  8. Blackdalvin

    Blackdalvin New Member

    Nabu X is a good choice too.
    Simplicity is always welcome.
  9. iMatty

    iMatty New Member

    XBMC and Kodi are the same program. Just changed name. Its basically xBox Media Center. Allows you to install repositories on your device and get add ons that enable streaming video, music, all sorts of good stuff. It's really not difficult to install. Google Kodi and check it out. Works great with Fire TV.
  10. Personally a Nabu, as it's just a nice lifestyle addition that I'd find myself using regularly.
  11. I do want the Nabu...
    so that would be it.

    But still, i wanted the controller - Sabertooth or how it is, but yes, it was sold out -_-
  12. ttechr

    ttechr New Member

    Realistically I will buy the Nabu X, but would love to buy the OSVR depending on the price point compared to the other VR technologies out there.
  13. Deverator

    Deverator New Member

    I'm looking forward to OSVR - it's be nice to have open source activity in the VR area.
    I'd also like the Nabu X to see what kind of apps could be created for it.
  14. dailyMilksource212

    dailyMilksource212 New Member

    I would go with Forge, everyone is doing a VM headset i dont get to excited when a company makes one that does what they all already do and if anyone remembers nintendo virtual Boy lol
  15. Hewanc

    Hewanc Member

    I rwally luke the fitness watches
  16. Skedog

    Skedog New Member

    The Nabu X! It looks amazing, and is crazy cheap.
  17. Hewanc

    Hewanc Member

    Cost is a driver, nabu x looks exiting
    a driver, nabu x looks existing
  18. MataPichones

    MataPichones Member

    Forge TV definitely. I just got myself an Amazon Fire TV and love it, with computer streaming the product would rock. The only thing I didn´t live was the mouse/keyboard presented to go with it, I still prefer the looks of the madcatz.
  19. Jer1k0

    Jer1k0 New Member

    Definitely Forge TV, lots of promise there.
  20. dajmotley

    dajmotley New Member

    I absolutely plan to purchase the Nabu X but the turret looks really nice.
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