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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by HyperDark00, Jan 5, 2018.

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  1. HyperDark00

    HyperDark00 New Member

    Hi everyone, I'm a new member of Razer insider and just wanted to ask if any of you could give me some tips for example how to get zSilver faster etc. anything will help and just a hello and hi would also be great. Thank you for your time. Also Dropping a like is greatly appreciated and so would a follow but its all your choice. Now for some information of myself firstly, I'm 13 years old live in Canada, Toronto, Ontario. And my favorite game to play is League of Legends my names HyperDark00 just so you can add me if you want :D. I own no Razer gear atm but am trying my best to grind from some Razer zSilver so i can get a keyboard or mouse. Yep that's pretty much all I have to say thanks for reading and hope you could drop a like and or follow.
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  2. MonoChratine

    MonoChratine Member

    You could try to download Fortnite and Starcraft II since they're both free.
  3. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Insider! Make sure to read the house rules and posting guidelines if you have not already, not saying you have broke any of them ;).

    Well, for ZSilver the best way to get it is with the paid to play program with Razer Cortex. There are many games you can use to earn it, and the featured games swap out every month. The Featured games this month include Fortnite, Battlerite, Cuphead, Ghost Recons and Starcraft II. Those are the games that get you 3 ZSilver a minute, and the non featured ones like Minecraft, CS:GO and GTA V get you 1 ZSilver a minute. You can earn 900 ZSilver a day, when there is no double cap.

    Also keep an eye out on the weekends, since almost every weekend there is some kind of faster earning rate or double cap event going on. This weekend there is a double cap going on for every game, so you can earn 1800 ZSilver a day instead of the 900 ZSilver a day until Sunday. Some other weekends there are double earn rate events where you earn 6 ZSilver a minute instead of 3, sometimes universal for every game and then other times exclusive to certain games.

    Another good way to get ZSilver is by being active on the Razer Insider and doing some of the achievements and stuff you can see in the rewards tab up in the top bar. Doing basic things like giving likes receiving likes, posting, and linking other accounts can give you ZSilver. Please keep in mind though, you can not spam posts or ask for likes and such, since that is against the house rules on here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

    Also, If you are saving for Razer gear, keep in mind that CES is coming up this week, and every year Engadget does a best of CES award vote where you can vote for what you thing the best product was at CES, and normally when Razer wins, they do a massive 50% off sale later on in the month, and that would be the best time to buy a mouse or keyboard or anything else you would like.

    There are also some good guides like this one and this one that can help you with the whole ZSilver system on here if you would have any questions. Have a good time here!!
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