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Insider and Flash Sales

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Min-Liang Tan, Jan 24, 2015.

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  1. Brickstone007

    Brickstone007 Member

    It was announce by Min a day after the 1st Schedule Sale, since it was faulty. They schedule another one. I dunno if you read the thread that Min had admitted that they mixed up the code or sort.
  2. Sully1001

    Sully1001 New Member

    I think that's a great idea, eventually singling out the true die hard fans and letting them get the products that are being pre-released or some special fan sale!
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  3. PandaCrafter2

    PandaCrafter2 Member

    Thank you! This is really nice
  4. Okay that's awesome. Let's bring on the sales
  5. AltoSax

    AltoSax Member

    Wow, only minimal server downtime? That is amazing!
  6. Ziyu1289

    Ziyu1289 New Member

    am i reading this right? will there be another upcoming sales? :rolleyes:
  7. So that's why I didn't have any problems when I ordered my Nabu X, well done Razer :)
  8. leederrick0412

    leederrick0412 New Member

    I find that pretty reasonable
  9. Senseimatt

    Senseimatt Member

    Jan 19th. Yea I missed it too and I was active on the site.
  10. DunClownMcClown

    DunClownMcClown Active Member

    For me the Nabu X went smooth, very pleasant experience. A very big change from the first CES sale this year.
  11. smurf009

    smurf009 New Member

    Thanks for the update. The way razed is handling this this forum and the nabu x sales just makes me appreciate them that much more. They really are creating a community and they really do care for their comunity.
  12. ih3ro

    ih3ro New Member

    I personally didn't have the chance to get my desired products but I felt kinda of happy that no errors or kind of that happened during the sales :)
  13. TigerStripedDragon

    TigerStripedDragon Active Member

    Good to hear! I am in full support of your decision and I'll work hard to make this a better community for everyone =]
  14. _Tronicz_

    _Tronicz_ New Member

    The remedial sale is over?
  15. vivianlobo

    vivianlobo Member

    Brilliant. Now if we just get the Leviathan on sale :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (hey its not wrong to dream)..
  16. keramics

    keramics New Member

    UGH I picked a bad week to forget to lurk on threads. Can't believe I missed the remedial sale ><
  17. I was amazed how well the second nabu x wave went, executed pretty much perfectly. The remedial sale was pretty great too, a little lag when moving through the checkout system but worlds away from the first sale. Good job razer!
  18. drahunter

    drahunter New Member

    Thank you for giving us chaces to get many good deals :))
  19. Vivulux

    Vivulux Active Member

    Moving it up to something like 50 posts would make it way better. That way people who actually use the forum can catch the deals, not resellers.
  20. LemBron

    LemBron New Member

    I was sent this message by the Razor Store. I am being ****ed up by this stupid customer support. Not that anyone cares anyway:

    Thank you for contacting the Razer Store.

    We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you.

    The Razer Store strives to offer the products at the lowest available
    prices. Unfortunately, we are unable to match prices and discounts
    available through other resellers.

    Please attempt a new order.
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