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  1. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    Best of CES.jpg
    UPDATE 2:
    The sale has officially concluded, thanks for the participation. If you have failed to get in on the sale due to our code distribution error, fret not and do hold on to your codes. We will re-activate and display your codes again before the remedial sale. We will have more details closer to date.


    Insiders - we apologize for the mistake, it looks like the discount codes were flipped, and some guys weren't able to get in on the same on time. To make up for this there will be a remedial sale that we will hold at the end of January. The CES Appreciation Sale is currently still on-going, and we have updated the codes with the correct description - do continue with your purchase.

    For those that did not manage to get in right now - we'll be providing more details on the remedial sale very soon.

    Thanks Everyone!

    We’ve had a great run at CES 2015, with several awesome announcements – the OSVR ecosystem, the Razer Forge TV and the Razer Nabu X, all of them well received by leading tech sites:
    • OSVR received TechRadar’s People’s Choice Award and Reviewed.com’s Editor’s Choice Award.

    • The Razer Nabu X clinched Best Fitness Tech by TechRadar.

    • The Razer Forge TV claimed the major show award – Best of CES 2015 for Best Gaming Product and People’s Choice, atop many other numerous awards such as Digital Trends’ Top Tech of CES 2015.
    The Razer Forge TV winning the official Best of Show awards marks our 5th consecutive Best of CES 2015 win, and we can only say that, well, we have an amazing community. We thank you for your continuous support and we hope that you will continue to stick around as we bring you more awesome tech in 2015.

    That said, we are pleased to bring our (almost customary) CES Appreciation Sale this year to Razer Insiders, new and old:

    For 24 hours starting Jan 12, 6.00pm PST/UTC-8 (time reference here), all Razer peripherals will be on 50% off, and systems at 30% off. This offer is open to all fans on Razer Insider. You will need to have a Razer ID linked to Insider – find out how.

    To ensure as many fans get in on the sale, each will only be allowed one item, so do decide on what you want to get before the sale starts to avoid disappointment as items may run out quickly. Also, do take note that your order may only be confirmed when you have completed your purchase and have received a RazerStore Order Confirmation notification.

    Please read the guide on the RazerStore and familiarize yourself with the checkout process.

    This sale is only applicable to the RazerStore, and Sales Terms and Conditions apply:
    • This promotion is only applicable for purchases made at RazerStore and cannot be combined with any other offers.
    • Use of the promotional codes entitles you to 50% off Razer peripherals and accessories or 30% off the Razer Blade/Razer Blade Pro.
    • This promotion does not apply to extended warranties, software, or products that are out of stock.
    • Discounts do not apply to additional shipping charges, customs fees and taxes.
    • Each customer/shipping destination is allowed to place only one (1) order with a maximum of one (1) item.
    • Only the first order from each customer/shipping destination will be accepted and any subsequent orders will be cancelled. In addition, Razer reserves the sole and absolute discretion to cancel any orders that exceed the limit stated above. Razer shall not be liable to any customers in relation to such cancellations.
    • This promotion is valid from January 12, 2015, 6pm PST till January 13, 2015, 5:59pm PST, or while supplies last. In the event where any particular product is out of stock, Razer shall not be liable to any customers for their failure to purchase the product, even if the purchases were made within the promotional period.
    • While we will strive to meet our shipping commitments, we cannot guarantee that every shipment will arrive within the usual time periods. Delays may occur as we expect higher than usual order volumes during this promotional period.
    • Razer has sole discretion to interpret these terms and conditions and its decision shall be final in all cases.
    • This promotion shall be subject to Razer’s general terms and conditions as set out in http://www.razerzone.com/terms-conditions, which may be amended from time to time
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    dIScRAZYgINGER Active Member

    OWO my wallet is about to feel the pain! 800 Dollars off the new blade pro! that type of discount is freaking unheard of! Hats off to razer, you guys are the ones designing these amazing products that we cant help drooling over. Thanks for the community appreciation :D
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  3. w9jds

    w9jds Active Member

    THANKS!!! You guys deserve the rewards :)
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  4. Spud387

    Spud387 New Member

    getting stoked :D :D :D
  5. Hirgaki

    Hirgaki Member

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  6. Xereint

    Xereint Member

    Wish you guys all the best!
  7. ImBrotherCain

    ImBrotherCain New Member

    Someone give me some ideas of what to buy!

    I want a new mouse, keyboard and headset but I am going to splurge on one now.

    Kinda leaning Death Stalker Ultimate because its cheaper than the price of the standard Black Widow! Although I kinda want a Chroma Widow or Naga.
  8. Sky96

    Sky96 New Member

    Yay, Thanks Razer. Keep up the amazong work
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  9. mahousensei

    mahousensei Active Member

    I really hope that the EU store will get some restock before the sale because there is not that much things available right now... :/
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  10. YEEEEEESSSSS, Razer Blackwidow Chroma here i come :D
  11. Chiiing

    Chiiing New Member

    Congrats razer! ;)
    Too bad razerstore doesn't deliver on my country.
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  12. Qquan

    Qquan New Member

    time for some new year shopping
  13. Too bad turret haven't launched
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  14. natsx

    natsx New Member

    aww i have to waitt :slightly_sad:
  15. amokie

    amokie New Member

    waiting for it
  16. Oroshi

    Oroshi Member

    And I was just looking for a new laptop, perfect timing.
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  17. 3n0ch

    3n0ch New Member

    congrats guys!!! hope for the forge and nabu/nabu X will be launched or shipped to SG soon!!!
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  18. sharePeridotever124

    sharePeridotever124 New Member

    Will forge be on sale too?
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  19. chevalieroyaux

    chevalieroyaux New Member

    Can't wait o_O
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  20. Logiaze

    Logiaze New Member

    Hmm only 1 item , it's good but it's bad too =__= thanks razer ! Keep it up
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