[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. ares1411_no_id

    ares1411_no_id New Member

    Did anyone managed to buy anything with discount? My promo code is invalid for some reason, website did not load, and I was waiting for it until 2am? ..... total mess
  2. nexusdroid26

    nexusdroid26 New Member

    lets hope the second sale goes to plan, couldn't use my codes at all really want a blackwidow chroma now
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  3. F7IPPY

    F7IPPY New Member

    Sorry but what do you mean you had to switch the codes?
  4. angweixiong

    angweixiong New Member

    So the discount code were flips... so near yet so far.. realising i was keying the incorrect code for 30mins, re-enter code about 300times.. watching the product in stock till it goes out of stock..aww.. awful feeling....wonder what issue we will face in the remedial sales at the end of the month..
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  5. edelitus14

    edelitus14 New Member

    all i want is for my codes to work for the second sale
  6. Lenief

    Lenief New Member

    Damn code thing ruined me. Thnks for nothing :/
  7. ares1411_no_id

    ares1411_no_id New Member

    Did anyone managed to buy anything with discount? My promo code is invalid for some reason, website did not load, and I was waiting for it until 2am? ..... total mess
  8. pipboy2000

    pipboy2000 New Member

    None of the items mice is available already so it seems.
  9. aeroCITRINE198

    aeroCITRINE198 New Member

    I think the point here is that with a 50% discount and galactic shipping costs - its overall cheaper to get the product from other sources
  10. I'm saved! Overslept by accident, but the gods have smiled upon me! Hopefully I don't oversleep on the next sale.
  11. NoviPro

    NoviPro New Member

    When u claim your code u toke 2 codes one for blade one for rest of stuff,

    For me i need only switch code from rest stuff to code for blades and it works :)

    Got Chrome for 85 Euro :D perfect match for my Taipan

    Thanks Razer
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  12. lubeskystalker88

    lubeskystalker88 New Member

    Hahaha my thoughts exactly, blowies for the boyssss!! Delivery prices to Australia is pretty high and before sale they bumped the blade back up to $3700!! Insane. Never got a chance to buy it anyway because status never changed from 'notify me'. Sale was flawed from the start.
  13. radioboardCyan500

    radioboardCyan500 New Member

    This is kinda awkward.. So if I buy one 50% off peripheral and yet it is still under the $59 free shipping, I have to pay for $14 for the shipping. But then I want to have the free shipping by adding other stuffs, but then the 50% code doesn't work anymore :|
  14. Nerxa

    Nerxa New Member

    This is mad crazy. I was ready to enter my code at the beginning of the sale. The site crashed down. 30 minutes later I was able to come back on, only to realize that everything I wanted was already out of stock. Serious? :'(
  15. DunClownMcClown

    DunClownMcClown Active Member

    I have been shopping online now for ~18 years now, before it was acceptable or considered normal. This has been by far my worst online shopping experience since.
    Nothing comes even close, wondering how you guy's thought this would be great?!
    Now I love your products Razer but seriously. This is not acceptable in 2015!

    Now you have data about your customers, you know the number of Razer ID's you have your sales numbers. You should have some idea about demands, why is there no stock?
    Why not accept orders and fulfill them when you have stock?
    If you inform your customers fulfilling orders can take time your customers can decide if the 50% is worth the wait.
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  16. F7IPPY

    F7IPPY New Member

    Thank you for this information :)
  17. F7IPPY

    F7IPPY New Member

    I agree with you man! Im willing to wait even a month or two for them to restock as long as I get them 50% off.
  18. bilalirfan

    bilalirfan New Member

    Not really sure if its 24 hours ended already?
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  19. darkenedmatter

    darkenedmatter New Member

    Literally.. As long as the remedial sale is 50% off for remaining customers I'll be happy. If its any less I'll gladly take my money elsewhere as I had everything ready and immediately was one of the people who kept trying and trying the wrong code. It was too late to even check my other code because your website crashed. Then Razerzone crashed and then everything was sold out. I was expecting slow loading and server errors. Not to get screwed out of my keyboard because you had the codes mixed up.

    I'm totally okay with a remedial 50% off to make up for the code swapping and atrocious load times. The add to cart button was basically non existent due to extreme lag.

    I love Razer and the fact you're owning up to what happened but I feel it could have been prevented.
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  20. RcwLol

    RcwLol New Member

    stores says there is razer blade pro in stock and i have in cart but neither code is doing anything for discount. I tried switching them and it doesnt say invalid or anything it just reloads page and does nothing. Any one got ideas or if this happened to you also?
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2015
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