[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. RcwLol

    RcwLol New Member

    stores says there is razer blade pro in stock and i have in cart but neither code is doing anything for discount. I tried switching them and it doesnt say invalid or anything it just reloads page and does nothing. Any one got ideas or if this happened to you also?
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  2. Nayno

    Nayno New Member

    Guys, the codes HAD to BE INVERTED, i waited till 3 AM this morning in EUROPE and i stayed on the razerzone for about 40 minutes, trying to buy the OUROBOROS, but the code was always invalid, so i went to bed, thinking that i would had more to wait.
    Now i woke up and on the site the ouroboros was "OUT OF STOCK", i checked on the insider and i discovered i had to invert my codes, DAAAAAAMN! I LOST MY OPPORTUNITY FOR A RAZER ERROR!!!
    NO words... Razer disappointed me so much for the first time.
  3. fixxey

    fixxey Active Member

    Most of the items that I wanted is on "Notify Me" - Asia Pacific store.
  4. KarmicSandwich

    KarmicSandwich Active Member

    The razer blade is only available in US ;(
  5. chaulklet

    chaulklet Member

    I hope I can get actually purchase something the next time :/
  6. darkenedmatter

    darkenedmatter New Member

    They're doing the sale again at the end of the month for people who didn't get it because they fucked up. Keep an eye out.
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  7. doubledollarman

    doubledollarman New Member

    Neither of my codes work...

    Been trying to add a Razer Blade forever now. I even overlooked the fact that the whole Nabu X "appreciation" bullsh*t was just a way to dump inventory and setup shop with the new GTX 970s ALL OTHER LAPTOP makers are pushing.

    Seriously, at least make sure your servers and codes work before you piss off loyal customers.
  8. edelitus15

    edelitus15 New Member

    guys shit happens.. I couldn't use my code either but lets not take it out on razer.. they didn't have to give us this offer in the first place but they did, and they're gonna do it again at the end of the month (hopefully the right way) so lets chill till then shall we
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  9. It looks like everything is sold out. can't we use codes to pre order items when they return back in stock?

    Totally gutted :-(
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  10. Makwak2605

    Makwak2605 New Member

    Damn it! Why is everything sold out :slightly_sad:
  11. Makwak2605

    Makwak2605 New Member

    Damn it! Why is everything sold out :slightly_sad:
  12. raptor7279

    raptor7279 Member

    all razer insider members should be allowed to order 1 item, be it in-stock on or back-order.

    can this be done / addressed?
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  13. brillion

    brillion New Member

    We will have a new code or the same one? Because mine is bugged "the code is already used"
  14. hengst2404

    hengst2404 Member

    I noticed they have Blade and Blade Pro in stock now, just the 256 and 512gb versions, not the 128
  15. mockingjay72

    mockingjay72 Member

    the code didnt work and now i have the new one the leviathan is out of stock. :slightly_sad:
  16. RcwLol

    RcwLol New Member

    The blade code doesn't do anything. It does not say invalid or used and does not discount it does nothing. Anyone else run into this problem? Also yes I've flipped the codes and still nothing.
  17. blitz7287

    blitz7287 New Member

    Yeah last night was a joke i spent a good half an hour just refreshing the ouroboros page trying to get it to show up. I couldn't even add one to my basket and the trick of adding it to your basket before the sale didn't work either. Having found out the code needed to be inverted who the hell would of thought of that. Im kinda glad i couldn't even get through to the checkout because id of been fuming. Like someone else above said i hope they allow every insider to order 1 item whether its out of stock or not i wouldn't mind waiting a few weeks on back order.
  18. TwoThirdsGod

    TwoThirdsGod New Member

    I guess I was one of the lucky ones last night. I've been playing WoW and hop around to MMOs a lot so i picked up a naga epic chroma.
  19. brillion

    brillion New Member

    I was able to get my kraken chroma 7.1 and I've lost them after buying step by a random bug... Lost kraken and promotion code.
  20. edelitus15

    edelitus15 New Member

    yes they do, in limited quantities so if you've got the code and the money, hey.. the world is yours
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