[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. weensun

    weensun New Member

    Everything I wanted was sold out...
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  2. Ok Thank you :)
  3. n00bhax

    n00bhax New Member

    Everything is sold out. :'( I wanted to buy blackwidow chroma:slightly_sad:
  4. BlkDrgn613

    BlkDrgn613 New Member

    blades at a discount, cant complain with that!
  5. mcvegas007

    mcvegas007 New Member

    I met Razer CEO at CES. All I can say is that is a true gamer. Really chill guy :)
  6. Kingtrisp

    Kingtrisp New Member

    Alot of razer stock was removed before the sale this has been documented on alot of website's they only wanted to have a "sale" on overstocked items apprantly :slightly_sad:
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  7. Would be nice to have SOMETHING in stock. "oh guys we're having a 24 hour sale get your favorite item!" *stocks 3 of every item for the sale* "oh tough luck guys sorry, our half functioning website allowed random lucky people to buy our stock out in <1 hour" Like... what...
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  8. Jer1k0

    Jer1k0 New Member

    Yeah I had the same issue, cancelled the order, hoping in the remedial sale they give the ability to add items so we can qualify for free shipping and retain discount on first item.
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  9. bestCelestedata828

    bestCelestedata828 New Member

    Trying to get my code but it says sites under maintenance.
  10. Matt13

    Matt13 New Member

    A discount on shipping would have been nice, not about to spend an additional £16.19 getting something shipped to the UK
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  11. MattEKelly

    MattEKelly New Member

    I'm sure the Razer Team feels terrible about the mistake. The apology by CEO Min-Liang Tan is only one outward expression of how upset the Razer team must feel in the wake of the error. To their credit, Razer owned up to the mistake (very publically) and are likely working to find ways to make things right.
    Still, the apology seems only to have set people off even further, so I must ask, if it was you or your business that made a similar mistake, would you have been so quick to apologize? As quick to note that there will be additional opportunities? As quick to understand that there are people around the planet looking to buy great gear at a once-a-year discount that only comes as a result of Razer (AGAIN) making another huge, risky leap into expanding technology for gamers? I know of a lot of companies that would have said "oh well, too bad" and just left it at that.
    I'm also sure the community would have read endless complaints if there had not been an (EPIC) 5th year win at CES and a resulting sale, but as it is, Razer not only told us the sale would happen if they took another CES award, they prepped for days trying to make things right for the community. They were holding inventory in an attempt to make it possible for US to buy it at a discount. Seriously, who does that for their fans? RAZER DOES.
    Yes, there was a mistake. Yes, many people missed out on things they wanted to buy.
    And YES, I will continue to stand by as a loyal customer because at every turn, Razer seems to be doing "the right thing" by keeping in direct contact with the customers, owning up to the mistake and working to get things right. We could be disappointed but we should be better than that. We're sharing in Razer's success because they know how much we love their gear. Razer no longer makes "peripherals" they make gaming essentials we all depend on for our gaming and our professional work. We buy it because it's great stuff made by people who love what they do.
    Sure, would I have loved to buy a 17" Blade Pro last night? Yes.
    Still, I ordered a fantastic set of Adaro DJ headphones I've wanted for a long time and I'm stoked about getting them soon!
    Thanks, Min and team, for giving us the opportunity to celebrate with you and to get great, discounted gear following an amazing 2015 CES award win.
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  12. zoogy

    zoogy New Member

    I got what i wanted, Yet Im gutted, Did the silly thing and got US style keyboard and NOT UK WTH :slightly_sad:((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
  13. 43966872

    43966872 New Member

    Is there anything you can actually buy in the UK?
  14. bestCelestedata828

    bestCelestedata828 New Member

    Awww blackwidow chroma sold out and i JUST got my code. Hopefully more comes up before it ends
  15. ShNWty

    ShNWty New Member

    i was waiting to get a new system , and here it goes , CES should be every weekend
  16. LeoLu

    LeoLu New Member

    So, we all love the Appreciation sale right? Well, I do indeed. But............
    So, I want to buy the Razer Blade, I got the code and did the things.
    Then I go to the Shipping and Payment part and well I filled all the details (quadruple checked) and BAM, I saw State/Province and I saw not applicable. I live in the United Kingdom and the UK doesn't really have Provinces or States. We have Counties.
    So I put not applicable and it says please enter a valid value.....

    So yeah. I need help.

    (FYI: UK has no Razer Blade)
  17. Starr0w

    Starr0w New Member

    Can't order anything... everything sold out????
    It only says: Notify me... :s
  18. Davadin

    Davadin New Member

    It's random. Depending if you hit the F5 EXACTLY when the server takes a breather, or not...
  19. If only there was any stock in the uk store
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