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[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. Same lol, almost threw my laptop out the window because of it
  2. QuietusCyn

    QuietusCyn New Member

    Refreshed in futility, then after a while anything I wanted was sold out. -_-
  3. Chro_

    Chro_ Member

    I am super glad and appreciative of the upcoming remedial sale! Mishaps happen and it's super awesome Razer recognizes what happened and are working to fix the issue.
    I had my product in the cart already and made it all the way through payment information. Afterwards, the checkout process brought me back to address information for some reason. I proceed to the payment page again and once I hit the next page, my cart was empty ):
  4. Gaaaru

    Gaaaru New Member

    Damn! I missed my chance to get razer blackwidow chroma stealth because of the error :slightly_sad: I hope next one i'll get it.
  5. Deathglider

    Deathglider New Member

    Thank god there gonna have a sale for those who didn't get in... I myself am one of those people, cant wait for the redo so i can finally get my sweet ass razer products!!!!
  6. conquerorli

    conquerorli New Member

    Really disappointed in this sale, stayed up till 2.00am UK time and couldn't load the store on my phone or tablet. Eventually gave up at 3.30am
  7. DarthBEHFANS

    DarthBEHFANS New Member

    Agree with you. Even though the new blade is around the corner, 800 bucks is still worthy.
  8. IcedGravity_no_id

    IcedGravity_no_id New Member

    Can someone help me add my Razer ID to Razer Insider so I can claim a code?
  9. 958gomeat

    958gomeat New Member

    I am so excited for this sale. I don't know what to buy. I only have one choice!
  10. Artymajor

    Artymajor New Member

    Ok, I got my code to take, but the price never changed. Can I get that corrected?
  11. gonSzabo

    gonSzabo New Member

    i want to continue shopping even though i only have discount on one item and i cant ..it takes the discount off from the item
  12. SlutButter

    SlutButter New Member

    I didnt end up getting anything (was eyeing the Tiamat 7.1 or the deathstalker ultimate) due to the key swap and then the insider site being down -_-
  13. 13mimi

    13mimi New Member

    Hopefully the remedial sale will go off better
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  14. PeaceDagger

    PeaceDagger New Member

    Thanks so much!
  15. ketchupfingers

    ketchupfingers New Member

    This did not go well
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  16. TheElusiveWiener

    TheElusiveWiener New Member

    AWESOME!!! Been wanting to get a razor system for while and now i finally have a valid exude to buy one!
  17. sekzshun

    sekzshun New Member

    just wait patiently they'll fix it all and hopefully email us all and let us know..

    You'd think they'd have an intense amount of stock.......
  18. BVAhAVoK

    BVAhAVoK New Member

    you guys are awesome!! although i didnt get anything from sales last night problem with codes and such lol.. but there will be next time! :)
  19. leetOPALMindaro605

    leetOPALMindaro605 New Member

    amazing sale wish i had a few spare quid
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