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[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. M1de23

    M1de23 New Member

    Sucks, every item I want is sold out...
  2. AkumaKinG

    AkumaKinG Member

    Everything is sold out...
  3. AkumaKinG

    AkumaKinG Member

    When everything is sold out...
  4. Spector1

    Spector1 New Member

    Yep, in the same boat as everyone else, wanted to get a new KB but nope :slightly_sad:
  5. MechanicalG

    MechanicalG New Member

    Right, the codes didn't work this time and I am going to leave the country on February 3rd. And I am not gonna be able to take advantage of the next one. So nice
  6. SchizoLynxyy

    SchizoLynxyy New Member

    Wanted a blackwidow chroma but it sold out within the first few minutes. I went to get the Kraken 7.1 chroma but so did that. So i settled with the Kraken 7.1 classic because it was the only Kraken 7.1 headset remaining. Ahh well, blue is my fave colour anyway. Maybe i can snag a BlackWidow Chroma on the sale at the end of the month.
  7. tinyavocado

    tinyavocado New Member

    thank you for the sale!!
  8. SCIFI3Dzoo

    SCIFI3Dzoo New Member

    Seems a LOT of people want the CHROMA keyboard but I can't even pre-order one with the CES sale. Is that right? Just b/c it's not in stock I can't pre-order one with the sale price?
  9. rayven1lk

    rayven1lk Member

    I know it sucks...but if there was an option to backorder, Razer would be busy manufacturing their products for the next 5 years which they sold at 50% off. They probably wouldn't meet their goals that way haha

    Sorry to be a realist, but there's no way they'll be implementing that
  10. Zaphyr

    Zaphyr Member

    It sold out. Loads of people were gunning for it, so it's no wonder it didn't last long.
  11. rayven1lk

    rayven1lk Member

    You could barely get the page to load either
  12. Martyyy

    Martyyy New Member

    I wasn't able to pick anything up yesterday and now keyboards are out of stock :/. Thanks for being awesome though Razer.
  13. You my friend are a genius :cool: I also want this bamf sound bar, I cant wait hear the mind blowing bass from the subwoofer. Hopefully we can get it for the next sale they are having at the end of the month!
  14. grinOn2wheels

    grinOn2wheels New Member

    Would love to be able to attend an event.
  15. ivchua

    ivchua Member

    How about an upgrade to the store? Simplify it, instead of sorting by product type and clearance just show "in stock" and "notify me"
  16. Tanke89

    Tanke89 New Member

    I'm a bit disappointed. I really want to buy something but the sale began on 3am in ITA and I can't purchase anything.....
  17. KingerJacks

    KingerJacks New Member

    Hoping to go to CES next year. Never been to one, but just became interested after seeing a video about a new TV.
  18. rabidkitty4

    rabidkitty4 New Member

    In my case, not, ever. Lol.
  19. Thanks for the awesome offer guys!
  20. rabidkitty4

    rabidkitty4 New Member

    Exactly. I really hope for the remedial I can get the Tiamats. I'm gonna be waiting like I did for this one. Hopefully the servers hold up.
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