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[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. i ended up getting my Razer Blade :) I'm pretty happy
  2. Mattkip_no_id

    Mattkip_no_id New Member

    I love how Razer actually give back to their fans, and when things do go wrong they sort it out. Can't wait to get some discounted stuff.
  3. kuoxun

    kuoxun New Member

    everything in singapore is sold out??
  4. NewPatrol

    NewPatrol New Member

    I was crushed when I saw the deathadder chroma was out of stock. Real bummer. My old mamba is falling apart :'(
  5. adriannb

    adriannb New Member

    Thanks razer
  6. iiLtnGeneralzZ

    iiLtnGeneralzZ New Member

    Thank you so much Razer!
  7. Unimaginable

    Unimaginable New Member

    Thanks for doing this every year D:
  8. zXNoKillzzXz

    zXNoKillzzXz New Member

    Now the wait for the end of the month awaits...
  9. KyleTizBoss

    KyleTizBoss New Member

    I really hope the Razer siren or blackwidow chroma stealth by the time the remedial sale at the end of january
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  10. greatking0527

    greatking0527 Active Member

    the struggle is real lol
  11. sabarish.raghu

    sabarish.raghu New Member

    Is razer nabu included in the sale?
  12. researchgrant

    researchgrant Member

    At first I was stressing out because I couldn't get on the website and the Naga Elite Chroma sold out. But, I was able to eventually snag a Naga Classic at the discounted price! Great deal!
  13. Johnnyc182

    Johnnyc182 New Member

    Hopefully the next sale will be as good as today's one was
  14. Wraith404

    Wraith404 New Member

    Yes, IF it's in stock....
  15. moodockr

    moodockr New Member

    thanks for the sale my codes didnt work :slightly_sad:
  16. Wraith404

    Wraith404 New Member

    And quite dangerous, to people outside the windows of people throwing laptops....
  17. Wraith404

    Wraith404 New Member

    Revisit the OP, you need to swap or re-get your codes. Many were reversed (accessory code with system code).
  18. Wraith404

    Wraith404 New Member

    Let's not sell things short, hopefully it will be better than today's debacle.
  19. moodockr

    moodockr New Member

    oh cool thanks for that wraith!
  20. tenzel

    tenzel New Member

    site was always down for this sale
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