[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. Site was down/very slow when I did finally get it to work the code said it was invalid. o_O
  2. fantasyash

    fantasyash New Member

    almost everything in the singapore store is out of stock.. sigh.. can't get anything nice.
  3. alexhooi

    alexhooi New Member

    cost of delivery for invicta is the same price as the 50% discount. sad.
  4. azakain

    azakain New Member

    How about you implement a back-order system for the remediation sale so that everyone can order the item they want even if they have to wait a bit for it to ship?

    This would avoid everything being sold out and Insiders feeling left out in the cold and unappreciated because the site wouldn't load for them quickly enough when it was hammered.
  5. Cyanallia

    Cyanallia New Member

    how do i get a code?
  6. Sherman65

    Sherman65 New Member

    wish i could have been @ ces!
  7. Sherman65

    Sherman65 New Member

    i wish it didnt dislplay me as a newb :}
  8. hommerxxx

    hommerxxx New Member

    Ya, this was LAME if you didnt find out about it right away. store was hammered and sold out
  9. Sherman65

    Sherman65 New Member

    you get a code by making a comms id account on your phone through the app
  10. matallana

    matallana New Member

    site was always down for this sale and when i finally enter in the store... all was out of stock T_T.. still have my code here :slightly_sad:
  11. fantasyash

    fantasyash New Member

    OH MAN! I applied code, continued shopping and when i was ready to order.. the code expired on me! :slightly_sad::slightly_sad::slightly_sad::slightly_sad: there goes my razer naga classic!
  12. Sherman65

    Sherman65 New Member

  13. Kyle753

    Kyle753 New Member

    Dang missed out on this sale! Would have liked to pick up a new Gaming Headset and Mechanical Keyboard to go with my DeathAdder. Next time! Congrats Razer for winning !
  14. xquickGrayBlue529

    xquickGrayBlue529 New Member

    I am very thankful that this sale was offered. I was one of the ones who had trouble with the codes being backwards and by the time i got back to the place where i could get anything what i wanted was gone. I had just recently bought new keyboard and mouse and game pad from razer so i wanted the tiamat headset or the livithan speakers
  15. Sherman65

    Sherman65 New Member

    i wanted a blade so badly
  16. Sherman65

    Sherman65 New Member

    wish i got something on sale. Anyone like listening to blink 182 with your #razerkrakens?
  17. Sherman65

    Sherman65 New Member

  18. Sherman65

    Sherman65 New Member

  19. Sherman65

    Sherman65 New Member

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