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[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. Ruphi0

    Ruphi0 New Member

    Love you RAZER!
  2. Ragnar_Lothbrok

    Ragnar_Lothbrok New Member

    figured out the code swap problem before anyone else had figured it out. Was able to get some 150 USD Adaro Wireless Headphones for 74 bucks. Thanks Razer!!!
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  3. HipsterMraZ

    HipsterMraZ New Member

    One of the blackwidows has the spanish config.
  4. Cobby

    Cobby Member

    Sad... it took me half a day to get the store page to load... and when it does... everything i wanted was sold out.... Its not fair.... :slightly_sad:
  5. Tjtheman3

    Tjtheman3 New Member

    Did anyone else get annoyed when insider kept directing to the appreciation sale page?
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  6. rgmaster93

    rgmaster93 New Member

    Friends of the family are always welcome.
  7. In the 2nd update it says it will reactivate the codes. What if we did get something? I got the Ferox only because it was one of the few things left available and I had thought of getting them before. Will we be ineligible for the remedial sale?
  8. Qquan

    Qquan New Member

    One code, one order, so if you used it up, highly likely its over for you. Sorry dude
  9. Majezfeld18

    Majezfeld18 New Member

    Remedial sale? I love you guys. I was hoping to get a Deathadder Chroma but they were all gone. Hopefully they'll be available the next time around. =D
  10. Howk013

    Howk013 New Member

    Was hopping to nab a mamba... didn't work, apart from remedial sales, can we request for more stocks?
  11. Bluehound

    Bluehound Member

    Definitely should be ineligble thank god I did not use my code since I overslept, the items I wanted should have enough stock in the 2nd update,People who got something should not get a 2nd chance.
  12. smartZomptalk454

    smartZomptalk454 New Member

    My Blackwidow Stealth shipped today! Thanks Razer.

    I still hate hate hate the fact that the shipping went from zero to $17 making the discount 33% but nothing I can do about that. I got a keyboard at least.

    edit: and you guys all know the 2nd go around is going to be just as insane right?
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  13. hedg3s

    hedg3s New Member

    Thanks Razer - Have wanted a razer blade pro since the first model came out but could never really convince my wife to let me spend over 2000$ on a gaming laptop. This sale was exactly what I needed to get the gaming laptop I have always wanted!! you guys rock!
  14. thanks razor
  15. So, any official answer yet for those who used the code but didn't get any item? To some of us the code resulted in being "Already used" while what we did was just end up the Order with the "Out-of-Stock, please remove from the Cart" message.

    Our codes should be made available (and tested) for the next Sale.
  16. when is the new sale again?
  17. Bluehound

    Bluehound Member

  18. Fenix86

    Fenix86 New Member

    hopefully they can update their servers so they cant get slowed so bad by all the customers. is it going to be another 24 hour only period?
  19. blubreeze

    blubreeze New Member

    of course, everything out of stock soon after it started... this sale is stupid..if no one can even buy a single item... at least let us order if on sale then ship it whenever its back "in-stock" lost any chance now for me to buy anything else from razer...
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  20. Did anyone end up buying a blade?
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