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[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. Zirkaloy

    Zirkaloy New Member

    I am glad to see that, apparently, you found some more stock at the back of the store and the BlackWidow Chroma is coincidentally available again, right after the sale ended!

    Good timing to find some more stock, isn't it?
  2. Bluehound

    Bluehound Member

    I just checked they are still Out of stock with "Notify Me" instead of Add to Cart.
  3. Morris65

    Morris65 New Member

    Yeah the sale was so quick, didnt have a chance to really snag some loot from that awesome deal! Oh well, nxt time...
  4. angweixiong

    angweixiong New Member

    not gonna act like the sale is an entitlement us end user, but i do hope we all got appreciated in this Appreciation sale.. hope the remedial sale at the end of the month will be a better one...
  5. kyle1193

    kyle1193 New Member

    Bought the 256GB refurb version. Ended up saving a lot compared to the alternatives like the MSI Ghost series or HP Omen.
  6. Sk8Ann

    Sk8Ann New Member

    thanks Razer!
  7. Legolus

    Legolus New Member

    Obviously Mamba, and others stuff was restocked ones promo code has expired...
  8. MrAnas

    MrAnas New Member

    missed the offer :slightly_sad:
  9. kimkim23

    kimkim23 New Member

    my code expired.. omg.. yyyyy
  10. LOL just checked blackwidow chroma stealth stocks and they are back. Just after promo ends. Coincidence or planned?
    It was exactly the same during the last promo. Stocks run out in less than 10mins and during that 10mins I could not load checkout.
    Never had this issue with other promotions with other companies.
    Legolus likes this.
  11. ivchua

    ivchua Member

    Maybe the blade code will work
  12. Emptrix

    Emptrix New Member

    Razer Technokat, i'm also interested to know about this as well.. After afew attempts i managed to get the blackwidow and the code to work together. I filled in my particulars to complete the order, than proceeded to the final submit order page, but right at the top there was a message stating that the blackwidow chroma has just gone out of stock and to purchase a different item.. I didn't ended up using the code. Will the code be active on the remedial sale?

    Also would like to know if for those who have already used their codes and successfully submitted the order, will their codes be re-activate during the remedial sale? I sure hope not, as it wouldn't be fair to those who didn't get a chance.
  13. Braddie

    Braddie New Member

    I just received my blackwidow ultimate. Went for a chroma stealth initially and had it preloaded in checkout cart. After figuring out the code mixup still went to checkout where suddenly everything was thrown out and of course OOS after.

    Guessing returning the blackwidow ultimate and waiting for next sale isn't gonna work?
  14. scion_pr

    scion_pr New Member

    waiting for it
  15. Fabnan_013

    Fabnan_013 New Member

    How you get those Sale codes?
  16. Yorin92

    Yorin92 New Member

    Too bad i was too late. Hopefully i can get a new mouse in the next sale.
  17. Yorin92

    Yorin92 New Member

    You can't get them anymore. Sale was yesterday and for those who missed it, with a code, can use them later this month.
  18. FATBOY2014

    FATBOY2014 New Member

    Amazes me the Mamba was out of stock during the sale, but now is showing limited units available after the sale has ended.

    Very disappointed as I really wanted one.
  19. Fabnan_013

    Fabnan_013 New Member

    How to get Those sale codes, cause i want Those sick mouse!!
  20. Bluehound

    Bluehound Member

    Yes I think it should be fine, maybe thats why they gave us 2 codes for that reason. I'm not gonna get mad because of that, The blade is a different Issue if bought separately with Gaming peripherals plus its only 30% (which is still HUGE).

    But the peripherals is a different story, Just the sheer amount of people who want them even at it's original price is already enormous enough to make it out of stock from their main website excluding 3rd party re-sellers such as New Egg , Best Buy & Amazon ,Etc.

    Since you can only Use the 30/50% codes on their website then it's more than likely to go Out of stock within minutes of Sale event, that said I hope they are more than ready and stocked up on the remedial sale later this month 2 weeks should be more than enough to get ready for a big event since it wont be a FLASH sale anymore like the 1st one.

    Another thing that infuriate people is the website lags when too many users flood it by refreshing/accessing the same page during the said event resulting in a very frustrating experience when purchasing online, I found a work around but I won't say what it is till I buy my stuff LOL!
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2015
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