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[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. RuFfEndZ

    RuFfEndZ New Member

    lets just hope the uk store gets a proper re-stock :)
  2. pataspike

    pataspike New Member

    there will be another sale at the end of the month
  3. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    So uhhh they don't seem to be answering an important question: will the people who already bought something in this sale be able to buy in the next sale?
    Seeing it doesn't get answered, I would say yes. Then we'll see people who will cheer that they bought twice, then others will be disappointed because they didn't get to buy anything the second time around either. (I am one of the people who didn't get anything.... and I didn't order anything else either because I wanted to save my codes for the second time around but I'll feel like exploding if I learn that the codes will be usable in both the sales, wether you bought something or not!)

    Heck, I saw a kid on a forum today who registered 3 accounts and got to buy a mouse, a keyboard and a headset on them; all using the same account and most probably the same payment info!
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  4. mLjH92

    mLjH92 New Member

    How do I claim my code again? I deleted the code when the item I wanted was out of stock. =(

    woah woops.. didnt read properly! haha!
  5. d3nnis

    d3nnis Member

    check on the 1st post on this thread.
  6. KeltonPlays

    KeltonPlays Member

    Considering anyone can do that no big deal
  7. Aminojaku

    Aminojaku New Member

    Based on the 2nd update in the OP, it sounds like it will only be for people who got codes in the first sale but have not used their codes already.
  8. yousef.zamani

    yousef.zamani New Member

    mine did not work at that time an now tried it again and got this massage : " Promo code has expired. "
  9. aznguile972

    aznguile972 New Member

    So, does this mean if you didn't get a code the first time, you won't get in on the remedial sale? I hope this is not the case.

    I assumed that I was going to get an email with the code and never thought to check the post. Been checking my email and nothing. Then, kept looking to see if it was somehow being marked as spam and nothing.
  10. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    I'm afraid you are correct, new codes will not be distributed.
  11. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    Considering anyone can do what? Been reading over my post and maybe I'm missing something but I don't get what you're trying to say?
  12. KeltonPlays

    KeltonPlays Member

    Make multiple accounts and ship to the same or different address
  13. buggaby

    buggaby New Member

    Wow. You guys have a big sale as a gift to your supporters, and then another gift because it wasn't perfectly executed? You guys are great. Thanks. I was one of those who received a switched number, but was not looking for another attempt. Chalked it up to the universe telling me not to spend money. I guess I can now! :)

  14. alvinkxs

    alvinkxs New Member

    I don't see a link for me to recheck my code anywhere. hmm, hopefully they will give us the link to recheck our codes
  15. Draxov

    Draxov Member

    From everything ive read, if you used your code, you dont get to use it again. You get one thing per code regardless of the original sale or the remedial one.
  16. d3nnis

    d3nnis Member

    UPDATE 2:
    The sale has officially concluded, thanks for the participation. If you have failed to get in on the sale due to our code distribution error, fret not and do hold on to your codes. We will re-activate and display your codes again before the remedial sale. We will have more details closer to date.
  17. Where do I find my code? I know I had it at one point but I didn't save it anywhere is there a way I can find it again?
  18. Nevermind. Just understood update two...
  19. Nejona

    Nejona Member

    I know everyone can do that but Razer themselves said they were cancelling orders if you ordered more than once on the same address. There was even talks about not being to able to order twice even in the case of roommates (where only one person would be able to order on that address).

    Seems a bit stupid that they relied on honor.. instead of actually going through with what they said.
  20. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    Most people will have enough trouble with just ordering one thing, let alone being able to deal with entering multiple items on multiple computers, unless they enlist others. The number of people taking advantage of the system is probably small in comparison to the delays it would cause on everyone if they had to check all payment and shipping details.
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