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[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    Not to put a damper on your excitement, but shipping to Malaysia might be quite expensive if you're buying something, once discounted, is less than $59 USD... I'd see if someone else has bought something from Razer and if the shipping was reasonable. Anyone know?
  2. PureSensati0n

    PureSensati0n New Member

  3. Lacide

    Lacide New Member

    What if we didn't use the code, but we don't have it anymore, as in we don't know it?
  4. hsoj318

    hsoj318 New Member

    50% off is a great deal but I couldn't use it because (of the day the sale started to now) the razer seiren and the bundle version was out of stock. I didn't need to use it for anything else (because well I already have a myriad of amazing razer products and also have a razer blade) so I didn't use it in hopes that I could use it after the product was back but all is for naught. I don't mean to hate on razer but srsly this kind of thing happening isn't cool.

    these are all just my take.
    if you have read it all "for fun" (more like for lack of a better thing to do) I feel sorry. my messages can get lengthy.
  5. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    Wait and see if you can get it with the discount at the end of the month? It doesn't ship for another 3-4 weeks anyway.
  6. razervinh

    razervinh Active Member

    See the first post, Update 2. Your answer is there.
  7. cyj89

    cyj89 Member

    Just so you know if you used the code for the previous sale, you cannot use the code again for the upcoming remedial sale because you have already gotten your 1 item at 50%. The remedial sale is for those who have not ultilize the code because of the mix up in codes.
  8. Bluehound

    Bluehound Member

    as you can see I'm still missing the Seiren and I don't want to pay the full price as I've just spent a ton on my current specs.
  9. Kilowat

    Kilowat New Member

    Are you seriously taking us like fools ?

    Awesome discount offer 50% off, store is completely out of stock there is maybe 10 items left available for order, everything else is not event available for pre-order, but just "notify me".

    2 day later, everything is fully stock again an available to buy without delay....

    seriously ?
  10. Hi. I'm new here. I just wanted to check on whether I'm still able to get a code for the remedial sales if I didn't get one for the recent sale.
  11. cyj89

    cyj89 Member

    Nope you can't. The remedial sale is for people who had the code during the last sale but unable to use it
  12. Alright. That's sad. :/ thanks for clarifying!
  13. Can't wait cant wait!!! AR!!! Please commence the remedial sale soon!!!!
  14. SpearOfFlame

    SpearOfFlame New Member

    Hopefully we have a way of getting our code again. I forgot to write it down and now that page just shows that the sale is closed.
  15. Straynar

    Straynar New Member

    Oddly enough items are back in stock. Who am I kidding, that's not odd. Only so much stock can be sold at a discount. I'd buy there we no products remaining if everything didn't become available again at the same time.
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  16. cyncle

    cyncle Active Member

    i was about to say the same lol!
  17. marcvanderkooy

    marcvanderkooy New Member

    Same here for The Netherlands, with the sale the stock of the headsets were empty the time i woke up. Entered my e-mail to recieve a notification when the tiamat was available, the tiamat is available now but i did not recieve an e-mail.

    Maybe they should stop doing sales and just make a 24h window where you can request a 50% off code which can be used for the following 30days.
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  18. wiwiboy

    wiwiboy New Member

    I'm from the Uk, I bought a deathadder mouse the next morning without any stock problem! It has shipped yesterday
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  19. thompsonadam120

    thompsonadam120 New Member

    I definitely shared this deal with a lot of friends - I know a few bought different items :)
  20. aragawna

    aragawna New Member

    I don't understand. Am I suppose to get an email?
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