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[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. LucasNyu2

    LucasNyu2 New Member

    I cant use the code. Any ideas?
  2. Blurred4

    Blurred4 Member

    I almost tought for a second that I would be able to sleep here in CET +1 is starts at 3 am. NOT GONNA SLEEP.
  3. OccamRazer

    OccamRazer Member

    So we should follow the details in this thread, right? Jan 12th @ 6pm PST? Min's post on Facebook made it seem like it would be today (Jan 11th in the US)....
  4. clubbitLemonLime449

    clubbitLemonLime449 New Member

    Can't wait. Wish there were more Nabu X's available though!
  5. ArbiterX

    ArbiterX New Member

    It would nice if people actually looked when the sale started. We still have over 24 hours to wait until it does start.
  6. RhosKW

    RhosKW New Member

    Reading is difficult.
    TigerStripedDragon likes this.
  7. KuroZero

    KuroZero New Member

    being in a different timezone is actually annoying.. here i am thinking that there are 4 hours to go..hahaha
    ps..28 hours to go
  8. upCeilquick751

    upCeilquick751 New Member

    Woah this is great!! :D Can't wait!
  9. 3DDude

    3DDude New Member

    Very annoying, its' about 11PM here (GMT+1) so the day after tomorrow, it will go on 3AM (way to early / some people have work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ).

    U guys better not be sold out XD
  10. sonofa... my code isn't working :slightly_sad:
  11. TigerStripedDragon

    TigerStripedDragon Active Member

    It will work on the day of the sale. Read the post you just quoted. It's all there.
  12. TigerStripedDragon

    TigerStripedDragon Active Member

    They said peripherals and accessories. I just want to confirm that includes gear as well or not.
  13. azngamer101

    azngamer101 New Member

    Just to make sure this code wont work on Bags and clothes right?
  14. zoogy

    zoogy New Member

    Does that mean UK time, Jan 13 Tuesday 2am ?
    Blurred4 likes this.
  15. polarbearz

    polarbearz New Member

    Should've allowed people to claim the code on the day of the sale itself hehe, too many questions!
  16. Oops, totally thought it was the 12th
  17. rashdanlong

    rashdanlong Active Member

    Congrats Razer and thanks or this awesome sale :D
  18. Deathglider

    Deathglider New Member

    Ya all of the stuff i actually want is out of stock at the moment.........
  19. GPittard

    GPittard New Member

    Hmm, very tempted by the Seiren!
  20. astarias

    astarias New Member

    Did this question get an answer? Really need to know before I make my purchase!
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