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[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. upCeilquick751

    upCeilquick751 New Member

    Does this include the Razer Nabu by any chance?
  2. Coffeuk01

    Coffeuk01 New Member

    Can't wait to get a wearable!
  3. astarias

    astarias New Member

    SO. Two questions:

    1. If I get one of the new classic pieces with the bundle, does the gift still come free or not?

    2. What time does the sale start again? If it's 6PM pacific that means around 9 at night on the 12th for us est canadians o.o?

    Thanks again everyone! Good job razer!
  4. Croixofwar

    Croixofwar New Member

    Cant wait to get a Blackwidow chroma stealth
  5. Diceyace

    Diceyace New Member

    Could you guys consider on restocking all products first before implementing a sale next time Q-Q
    dominator174 likes this.
  6. Violetbookthink279

    Violetbookthink279 New Member

    Time to get a chroma!
  7. Yorkifyme

    Yorkifyme Active Member

    These types of sales are what allow poor students like me to have nice gaming gear. Thanks again to Min-Liang Tan for this! You've made me one happy Razer fan :)
  8. astarias

    astarias New Member

    Oh crap even better question: IF I want to get a few things in order for shipping not to kill me, I can't right? It's limited to a single item in the cart?
  9. Xevien

    Xevien Active Member

    I hope I can make a purchase tomorrow! The most likely event is that the site will crash.
  10. Xevien

    Xevien Active Member

    Ya it is limited to one item per address.
  11. zoogy

    zoogy New Member

    Yeah I was thinking TODAY at 2am, but it's tommorow OMG
  12. Liwanagngtala

    Liwanagngtala Member

    nice..i got the code, now i can complete my razer chroma collection :)
  13. zoogy

    zoogy New Member

    its 2am tuesday for UK
  14. Liwanagngtala

    Liwanagngtala Member

    i am confused on time, is it right that it is 9pm on EST?
  15. Sparkolo

    Sparkolo New Member

    Seiren you'll be mine :cool: Finally my razer setup will be complete!
  16. astarias

    astarias New Member

    Oh no but I don't need anything big, but I don't want 39$ of shipping fees :slightly_sad: will need to rethink this sale for me ;(
    Xevien likes this.
  17. Sparkolo

    Sparkolo New Member

    Yup it is good sir ;) And you're lucky, in Europe it starts at 3 am -_- gotta wake up damn early!
  18. Joaquin10

    Joaquin10 New Member

    Amazing I already have The New Blade and Razer Ouroboros, I want the Nabu X
  19. Liwanagngtala

    Liwanagngtala Member

    oh man :) you really need to wake up early :) i know its hard especially when you have work in the morning, but we really want this :) --Razer fans
  20. 2night5

    2night5 New Member

    So we buy from razerzone store? Can razer deliver to indonesia?
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