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[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. Well, I could replace my good old Arctosa witch is beginning to show some problems after a lot of years of heavy usage, but since I can only get one I think I'm going for the deathadder since it is just too awesome to refuse...
  2. slifertroll

    slifertroll Member

    I don't know why, but my code is invalid. Is it because I'm in Canada shopping on the American site? Even though the prices are in Canadian dollars?
  3. Dookah

    Dookah New Member

    Code isn't live yet buddy
  4. XeroOrc

    XeroOrc Member

    the fark? my code not working
  5. Dookah

    Dookah New Member

    Will we need to refresh when sale goes live or can I just sit on the site?
  6. tildan

    tildan New Member

    my code not working !!
  7. Sparkolo

    Sparkolo New Member

    I'll wake up at 3am, then back to sleep till 7:30am and then I'll have to go out :D Maybe I can skip the sleeping part and play games until it's 3am :D
  8. Crotale

    Crotale Member

    That's because there's still one more day to go no?
  9. krammster12

    krammster12 New Member

    Holy crap I will definitely take advantage of this!
  10. Norgan

    Norgan New Member

  11. evildede

    evildede New Member

    Probably getting a new headset!!! W00t!
  12. slifertroll

    slifertroll Member

    Visa or mastercard? Fill in the spaces.
  13. Doail

    Doail New Member

    Thanks for the sale guys!
  14. stockers

    stockers New Member

    If only I heard about this earlier... Wouldn't have gone and brought a new mouse from Logitech, been craving a deathadder for months, just couldn't justify price... but now :eek:
  15. Liwanagngtala

    Liwanagngtala Member

    lol.. nice nice :) we must not missed this discount :)
  16. Liwanagngtala

    Liwanagngtala Member

    or you can use paypal, just make an account and link your credit card there
  17. Aussie_superman

    Aussie_superman New Member

    This is great hopefully I can get the tactical bag now been wanting it for ages, thanks razer
  18. Badb0y07

    Badb0y07 New Member

    Woah some people really have trouble getting the time zones right. Calm down, it doesn't start for another 26 hours.
  19. shan1026

    shan1026 New Member

    Hello, I'm from Hong Kong and i don't think the code is working for me...
    upload_2015-1-12_7-55-4.png upload_2015-1-12_7-55-4.png
  20. GGHelmsley

    GGHelmsley New Member

    Still have 14 more hours to go...
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