[Insider] CES 2015 Appreciation Sale

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. How sure are you bro?
  2. IamBastiii

    IamBastiii New Member

    Thanks for the sale razer!
  3. bestbookAwesome181

    bestbookAwesome181 New Member

    Will this promotion also affect bundles, or no? Also, can someone calculate a estimated total price of a BlackWidow Chroma Stealth including shipping and taxes?
  4. Ifritdesigns

    Ifritdesigns New Member

    Well I guess you can try put the bundle in your cart and try checking it out. If it appears as multiple items instead of just one 1 single item, I doubt the code will work but no harm trying :)
  5. slifertroll

    slifertroll Member

    Chroma - 50% of the cost, so half it, put your taxes. Say the taxes in your area is 12%, then multiply it by 1.12. If it is 5% tax, then 1.05. Shipping should be free if its above the free shipping cost.
  6. shzero09

    shzero09 New Member

    sigh.....too bad razer doesnt deliver in my country....:slightly_sad:
  7. Phonascus

    Phonascus Member

    It's been 50 pages, so here are a few things mentioned byTecknocat in this thread and by Min on Twitter (reworded by me):

    1. The sale will start in approximately 25 hours from the time of this post (it will start at 6:00pm PST).
    2. The code will NOT work on bundles.
    3. There are items that are listed as sold-out now that might be restocked for the sale - you won't know until the sale starts, so don't bother asking.
    4. You can chose one in-stock item (only one!). - This is per shipping address. If more than one person at your house wants something, you'll have to fight for it. GO!
    5. If the item is not in-stock during the sale you will not be able to use the code on it later.
    6. I have seen no posts regarding shipping costs. Be prepared to pay for regular shipping.
    7. If the code drops the price below the threshold for free shipping be prepared to pay for shipping (this is my guess, not an official answer).

    All of the above is what I've garnered from previous posts from Min and Tecknocat. I'm sure if I got something wrong I will be corrected by someone who payed more attention than me.

    Please be appreciative of what Razer is doing here. They are sharing their celebration of their wins at CES. Nobody is owed anything.

    When the sale goes live, the servers will get crushed. Be patient. Constantly hitting refresh will not be helpful, but I don't really expect anyone to listen on this one. Sigh.

    Good luck!
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2015
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  8. richigobankai

    richigobankai New Member

    There should be a thing where each time you try to use your code before the sale starts because you've failed to read the terms, your discount reduces by 5% until the code is invalid completely.... or adds 5% to the cost.
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  9. BioHazardSperm

    BioHazardSperm New Member

    odds all chroma products are out of stock when sale starts.....95% lol hope im wrong as i want one but im thinking alot of OOS items when this starts :/
  10. Liwanagngtala

    Liwanagngtala Member

    seriously bro? where are you from?
  11. CrossbonesX

    CrossbonesX New Member

    Very cool. Think I'll finally pick up that mechanical keyboard I've been eyeing.
  12. Liwanagngtala

    Liwanagngtala Member

    hope it will get restock :slightly_sad: i want the chroma keyboard
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  13. coolish1

    coolish1 New Member

    would this sale work with the kraken 7/1 chroma? says back ordered?
  14. Liwanagngtala

    Liwanagngtala Member

    yep as what ifritdesigns says, it is counted as multiple items, and the code is only vaild for one item
  15. LucasNyu2

    LucasNyu2 New Member

    the shipping fees is kinda pricey tho. outside of US that is.
  16. Liwanagngtala

    Liwanagngtala Member

    for sure it will but lets hope that it will get restocked tom before the sale..
  17. r0ctiv

    r0ctiv New Member

    Nice ! Can't wait to see if i can have something from this :)
  18. smartTealnexus657

    smartTealnexus657 New Member

    Haha this is a funny idea.
  19. Please Please have enough for all of us ... or I will have to go with the back up of orbweaver
  20. You guys really do deserve the rewards you get. I don't think I've seen a company be so great and be so involved with the community.
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