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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 12, 2016.

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  1. Every year the same.... no stock while hyping this sale.
    You do know by now how many fans you got and how many want this sale after helping you out winning the thing.
    Just really dissapointed
  2. holyfiregirl

    holyfiregirl Member

    From Europe/ dutch store:

    etc etc... there is still stock on some items (mouse), plus the Europe sale event started an hour and 42 minutes ago..

    Greetings back from the Netherlands :D
  3. watchfirstXanadu810

    watchfirstXanadu810 New Member

    These tears taste so delicious. I like salt. Give me more people!
  4. CheeseyWeasy

    CheeseyWeasy New Member

    You're just upset that you didnt get what you wanted :wink_:
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  5. Well actually I think they had a quite big stock.
    But the most ppl who got what they want wouldn't come up with this information here I guess.
    They are satisfied so no need to. :D
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  6. watchfirstXanadu810

    watchfirstXanadu810 New Member


    Item(s) Ordered

    Product Name Unit Price Qty Ordered Sub-Total
    Razer BlackWidow Chroma Stealth 199.99€ 1 182.64€

    Order Subtotal: 182.64€
    Shipping (Excl. VAT): 0.00€
    Tax: 17.35€

    Order Total: 99.99€
  7. sorry, no keyboard headphone, mic or mousemat either. Only the systems are buyable, since there was no discount there.
  8. I was a bit upset, that there was no opportunity to get this Stealth edition in a german layout.
    But well now I ended up buying the "normal" edition.
    Hope I will be satisfied with this one as well.
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  9. sharpcountyLiver365

    sharpcountyLiver365 New Member

    Too bad whole store is bought out, i was sooo looking forward the Orbweaver Chroma :slightly_sad:
  10. CheeseyWeasy

    CheeseyWeasy New Member

    Fake and Gai xD
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  11. watchfirstXanadu810

    watchfirstXanadu810 New Member

    More tinfoil conspiracy please. So salty because you didnt get what you wanted!
  12. Ow sorry, only mice that no body wants are available.........
    And I know what time it started, just 10 mins late.
  13. Nah stupid is to expect the sale to last hours.
    It is Razer.
    It's like Apple would do a 50% off discount.

    "The early bird catches the worm."
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  14. Look mate if you have such a thing for foil go to the damn supermarket.
  15. holyfiregirl

    holyfiregirl Member

    some headphones on eu / dutch store:

    a mouse mat on eu / dutch store:

    And i already provided you with a long list of headphones.
    Sure the keyboards are sold out, but what do you expect 2 hours after the sale started..
    Maybe they dont have the item anymore that you want, but stop saying everything is out of stock,
    its just not...
  16. I can make the copy paste of my cart too you know? You're just a crazy fanboy of razer that keeps on defending them even if they disappointed the 98% of their customers who were ready to spend money.
    Just admit that this event is crap, pure bullshit IMHO.
    Why do u even make a sale if you put only less than 100 products on a sale?
    Stores have actually a large stock of items when on sale, and it doesn't finish in 1 minute or less.
    Also the camping strategy, why a customer would spend all the night or day refreshing the store just to get the item? Meh. I'll stick with corsair then.
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  17. CheeseyWeasy

    CheeseyWeasy New Member

    I got exactly what I wanted, you seem to think that you are some sort of pro at sniping sales :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  18. Psythik

    Psythik New Member

    I've been looking for a pair of bass-heavy headphones lately so I'm glad I heard about the sale on reddit. Managed to snag a pair of Kraken Pros within the first 15 minutes of the sale. Had to refresh the checkout page multiple times before it would load (which I'm sure wasn't helping the server) but it was worth it. Now we play the waiting game...

    EDIT: So it turns out they're still in stock. I rushed to buy a pair for nothing. :/ Oh well, it was worth the adrenaline rush.
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  19. Corngreatfever369

    Corngreatfever369 New Member

    No, not everything. Just the good stuff. I was on the site 5 mins after EU sale started. There was nothing left already.
  20. LBT_UK

    LBT_UK New Member

    Well after the massive balls up by Razer EU today, you just lost a customer permanently.

    I was going to order was going to order;

    Blackwidow chroma stealth
    Kraken Pro headset

    I know the code only applied to one item, but I was going to buy another new set to replace my aging equipment.

    So this morning get ready, promo code in the clipboard.
    I await 9am GMT, quickly add the keyboard to the basket apply the code, get all through to payment.


    After waiting for this your website fucks up and misses my opportunity to use that code, whats worse is on retry which took 5 friggin attempts, i finally get through.


    Well Razer not only did you do yourself out of a keyboard sale, you lost the headset and mouse too.
    After this I'll be buying elsewhere, I was considering others and your sale made my mind up, since you can't even get your site working properly so i can make the most of a large order benefitting me and you i'll take my money elsewhere.
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