[Insider] Qualifying for Insider pre-order registrations.

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 7, 2015.

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  1. Kloryc

    Kloryc New Member

    It's a pretty good idea overall to deter people from making tons of accounts to try and get on the pre-orders and to have people actually contribute to the community.
  2. nman729

    nman729 Member

    I hope that I am able to buy one before the stock is depleted. Is there a way to pre register before you buy?
  3. Apollo257

    Apollo257 New Member

    I'm glad these instructions to see your post count were on the first page of this thread and I didn't have to spend too much time looking for them. Thanks for posting!
  4. Kidrages2

    Kidrages2 New Member

    A bit new to this Razer Insider. Was just told to check it out after CES. Seeing I've been missing out on some good stuff. Thanks for the clear rules.
  5. Apollo257

    Apollo257 New Member

    I'm a new member and this is my 9th (hopefully constructive) post. It can be done! Good luck with posting!
  6. armanys_no_id

    armanys_no_id New Member

    Is there any list of compatible apps with nabu X?
  7. armanys_no_id

    armanys_no_id New Member

    I think that these pre-order requirements are a bit confusing....and all of those meeting the requirements will be able to order a Nabu X discounted??....I hope so...and all these discussions about shipping or not shipping to EU....it seems a little bit of a mess, hurrying up things it's not good!
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2015
  8. Tofu720

    Tofu720 New Member

    I also like these new changes and can see this as a way to have more users engage with other users in this community.
  9. BleaM83

    BleaM83 New Member

    Not a bad way to get people to interact in the forum with these rewards. Really hard to come by on these kinds of discounts on your favorite products. Really hope to be able to get one..
  10. Cleeve_no_id

    Cleeve_no_id New Member

    hmmm, I'm having difficulties in getting to my profile page, I always end up in the razerstore on a page that asks me to edit my personal information all the time...
  11. Tsynder

    Tsynder New Member

    So... do I have to comment 8 constructive comments in order for my 50% off code to work?
  12. Tsynder

    Tsynder New Member

    So... do I have to comment 8 constructive comments in order for my 50% off code to work?
  13. SonySheep

    SonySheep New Member

    It's cool, but I want the white one ;);)
  14. Wow, this is a great idea to have qualifications before getting the chance to pre-order a product
  15. Kir0n

    Kir0n New Member

    If I understand correctly, everyone will not be able to pre-order even if they meet the requirements
  16. BleaM83

    BleaM83 New Member

    yes it is confusing.
  17. heataeroMindaro212

    heataeroMindaro212 New Member

    Lol here I go, first post... 7 more to go. Just kidding, but seriously though, do I have to continue this conversation 7 more times or can I post up on other topics and have them count toward my 8 "constructive message" count? I get why Razer is doing it this way, to thin out the people who are not real Razer fans, and true, all someone has to do is post up 8 times on jibs and crap, but wouldn't real Razer supporters have Razer gear? I for one have Razer decked out, Keyboard, head phones, 2 mice, heck I even got the old Razer Mako. What does posting up on this forum prove other than someone on the Razer team wanting more life on their website?
  18. armanys_no_id

    armanys_no_id New Member

    Seriously, what colors are available? How ca we choose them?
  19. rekage

    rekage New Member

    Yes razor always pulls through with being the best company
  20. ocping

    ocping New Member

    It's to promote the forums I guess. I have quite a number of Razer products but have never heard of these forums until yesterday so I guess it's working.
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