[Insider] Qualifying for Insider pre-order registrations.

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by technokat, Jan 7, 2015.

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  1. Gonna try to qualify!
  2. TeRoSlaggish

    TeRoSlaggish New Member

    Brilliant concept. And a good idea!:):D
  3. Saboter

    Saboter New Member

    Things are clear. Cant wait to see the final product
  4. Kichuga

    Kichuga New Member

    Will try to get one of this. It seems to be a great one with all of its innovations.
  5. Max-SK

    Max-SK Member

    i´m also on other forums, but number of posts tell nothing about "quality" and "usefulness" of user. there are users with so much comments about nothing, commenting all and everywhere. but value rate is very low. on other side there are users with few posts, but with added value.

    so after reading this qualifying conditions is clear that there is actually no chance for me to register in next wave for nabu x. :slightly_sad:
  6. Monofest

    Monofest New Member

    I feel like i've gotten more than enough because of my recent thread. Do i need to comment on or have a conversation on other threads as well?
  7. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    It certainly does not, to an extent but it is indicative, and we want to encourage people to participate in conversations on Insider, it being a new and beta channel for us.

    At the same time we have also put in place a filter to ensure people do not farm for posts in a meaningless manner, i.e. they will not be access the registration with warning points attached to them, and post-moderation they can be removed from the list. We will certainly work to improve and come up with a better reward/achievement system that unlocks such registrations in the future.
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  8. Monofest

    Monofest New Member

    How do we know if we have a warning point?
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  9. Monofest

    Monofest New Member

    I'm excited .. x.x 2 more hours
  10. jhcpark17

    jhcpark17 New Member

    I'm wondering now that since the Razer Nabu X has come out, will the Nabu and Nabu X come out in retail at the same time?
  11. Sicalegs

    Sicalegs New Member

    Don't have 8 posts but I think this is a pretty fair way of implementing measures to try and stop scalpers and resellers from clearing out the store before legit fans can get stuff. Thanks Razer!
  12. armanys_no_id

    armanys_no_id New Member

    How will they announce us about pre-ordering??
  13. BlaqLash

    BlaqLash New Member

    With a bit of experience from quite a few other forums, not actually showing the post count next to a username in-thread (just as you're doing) usually helps with regards to "post count elitism".
    In regards to encouraging participation, I think bungie.net used to have a good system for user titles.
    Taken freely from my memory a title could be like this: Exhalted honored member; where the first part (exhalted) was a reference to for a how long period you had consistently logged in and read/posted comments without getting any infractions, warnings, etc. The second part (honored) was earned by just being a member for a long time.
  14. jeffhvac

    jeffhvac Member

    My code didn't work. How do I retrieve my code or can I get a new one?
  15. I like how they have a number of requirements before you are allowed to purchase a product at an insider price because it's meant to giveback to their hardcore fans and the only way to ensure that they are a hardcore fan is to have them contribute to the forums a certain number of times, change your avatar, etc. If they didn't have these requirements it would basically be like letting anyone and everyone that's not a hardcore fan have a chance of snatching a nabu/nabu x and then the fans who are dedicated to Razer would be less likely to get a Nabu. Hope this helps you understand a little bit better on why they are doing this :).
  16. PERIDOTbizCoral573

    PERIDOTbizCoral573 New Member

    well that's a decent change for once.
  17. SrKlein

    SrKlein New Member

    I'd love to be able to qualify for this, and to try out this lovely piece of hardware! Good luck to all of you guys!
  18. prongATO

    prongATO Member

    I really like the idea to use a multi factorial merit system in future. The value of people's posts could be partially evaluated with the number of "likes" a person has received or implement a "useful" or "helpful" tag that can also be used on messages in a thread. I recommend the separate flag because I may like someone's opinion presented in a post but that doesn't automatically make it "helpful". The two aren't mutually exclusive either, they can be both liked and helpful. (Which could be assigned a higher overall value for a combination)

    On using the amount of Razer products owned, I use myself a a perfect example of a problematic circumstance. I recently rebuilt my HTPC as a beast because it is now my main machine. I had a spinal surgery go very badly in 2012 that left me 100% disabled and on social security disability insurance. I am relegated to the couch, laying down because my spine can't take sitting upright for more that 15 minutes. I would LOVE to to have a Razer BlackWidow Chroma Stealth but it's not wireless :slightly_sad:. I am excited for the Razer Turret though. My point being, if I were whole again, my options on products would me limitless, to penalize someone because they don't have as many products could have issues.

    Of all of your ideas I believe "Date Joined" should have the largest weight on any merit system. When you see someone join the day before a CES sale, it looks nefarious.
  19. I'm such a lurker on forums like this. I guess with these requirements will make me want to post and actually talk to people on here rather than just read.

    Still, I have been a member of Insider since it first opened and I feel like that should have some kind of merit towards the pre-order qualifications.
  20. Gwcheney1130

    Gwcheney1130 Active Member

    I am still pretty new myself but I am excited about the next wave of the nabu x. Currently I have the nabu and love it but feel the nabu x will be something I will love to use at work and then continue using the nabu the rest of the day. Being able to glance at the led light and know why my phone buzzed in my pocket will be a great benefit , I love the nabu but catch myself turning my wrist and really looking at the display, it's more noticeable to the people around me in the office ( who are jealous of my awesome tech on my wrist) I think at this point with over 30 posts, 8 trophy points and 4 likes I should be eligible for the next wave so we shall see if it works out :) best of luck to everyone and to the new people who think the requirements are too tough ... It's really not that hard to apply yourself and meet the requirements, I was where you are not to long ago :)
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